WWE Scraps Plans For Lars Sullivan Debut

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Lars Sullivan is on his way to WWE, but we don’t know when he will show up. He will wreak havoc no matter what he’s doing and which brand he winds up on.

Apparently, there were plans for his debut this week on both WWE main roster shows. However, as Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live, WWE changed their plans for The Freak once again.

“Lars Sullivan was supposed to appear on RAW Monday and he wasn’t there and then he was supposed to appear on SmackDown Tuesday and he wasn’t there. Now, I have no idea what that means. I have no idea what his future is. I just know he was supposed to be on both of those shows, but he wasn’t there.”

“He was earmarked for a very big match at WrestleMania and maybe we’ll know more on Monday, maybe we’ll know more on Tuesday, maybe the Rumble.”

“I don’t know, all I know is he was supposed to be at both shows and he was not there.”

WWE probably has big plans for Lars Sullivan. It will be very interesting to see what all of this changing of plans means. Usually, when WWE changes a lot of things Vince McMahon is heavily involved, but sometimes it’s best not to overthink things.

Welcome to the New Era.

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