Chris Jericho is a veteran of professional wrestling and a living legend. None of that clout with WWE stopped him from signing long-term deal with All Elite Wrestling.

WWE might not be too happy about Y2J inking deal with The Elite’s new professional wrestling company. However, as Jericho spoke to Busted Open Radio, he revealed that the conversation he had with Vince McMahon about the subject was amicable.

“A lot of that stuff is private but I did have a very amincable conversation with him. He knew what I was doing it wasn’t a surprise. I didn’t just show up in Jacksonville and that was it. The bottom line is the Khan family isn’t messing around. They want to make a go at this and you know they have a lot of money and they have a lot of capital.”

The Khan Family also knows about sports. It’s not sports entertainment, but that will change in time. They understand how to run a sports team and all that goes with it.


Jericho said that they understand the “glitz and glamour” of running a sporting organization. They were very adement about working with Jericho and Y2J admitted that he didn’t believe them at first. Eventually, the Khan Family and The Elite were motivated enough to convince Jericho to make the jump.

Jericho said he’s not sure how Vince McMahon feels about it now, but their last conversation was civil.

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