As seen on Sky Bet, the betting odds for The Bar vs Shane McMahon & The Miz match at the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona have been released.

This bout has been building over the course of the last few weeks in one way or another, with Miz ‘aligning’ himself with Shane McMahon. The majority of fans tend to believe that the two men will go their separate ways eventually with Miz turning heel once again, but for now, it’ll be interesting to see what direction they go in – even if it does end up in a WrestleMania singles match.

The Bar have held the titles in their first reign for 84 days, after capturing them back at SmackDown 1000.

In terms of the odds, Shane McMahon and The Miz are actually the favourites to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with odds of 8/15. The Bar are the somewhat distant underdogs at 11/8.


If you’ve been following this storyline then you may not be all too surprised by this, as WWE seems to be trying really hard to get fans to believe The Awesome One is turning babyface. While we don’t really believe in that wholeheartedly, we certainly appreciate them trying to give Miz something valuable to do.

Many fans believe that this’ll actually open the Royal Rumble in Phoenix at the end of the month, which would certainly making for an intriguing opener. The other question is how many of these men will actually enter the Royal Rumble match itself later in the night, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is all of them.

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