Johnny Gargano has been gradually embracing his new role as a tweener over the course of the last few months, but now, it seems as if he’s moving cautiously towards becoming a full on heel down in NXT.

Gargano’s constant failures in 2018, with his only major success coming in the form of an unsanctioned match against former best friend Tommaso Ciampa, have seemingly driven him to the edge. Many fans feel like he’ll eventually challenge for the title during WrestleMania weekend, but right now, it certainly seems more likely that he’ll actually reunite with the NXT Champion.

Either way his next feud looks like it’s going to be a good one, with Johnny Wrestling setting his sights on the NXT North American Championship.

Many fans are already salivating at the prospect of seeing these two square off, and it’s fair to say that Johnny would definitely be the heel when stacked up against Ricochet who is one of the most natural babyfaces WWE has had in a long time.

Gargano is still considered to be one of the top performers not only in NXT but also in the whole of the WWE, with some being worried for when he eventually gets called up to the main roster.

For now, though, it feels like we should just soak up as much time with Gargano on NXT as we possibly can – especially now that we’re seemingly going to be treated to some high level heel promos to go alongside his fantastic in-ring work.

Harry Kettle

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