Carmella Reacts To Terrible Picture Of Her WWE Keeps Using

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Carmella has a lot of reasons to be happy. He has a good position in WWE, she is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she looks pretty great as well. However, she doesn’t look amazing in every photo and she wishes WWE would realize that.

One fan recently asked if Carmella can take a bad picture. This prompted Mella to reply while making reference to the terrible “render” that WWE keeps using of her.

“Yes. Please refer to my render that WWE keeps posting.”

You can check out the picture that she’s talking about below. She has a RAW logo behind her because WWE was dropping some major teases in a recent fan survey. Still, that’s the picture she’s talking about and you can’t help but see her point.

WWE has to have better pictures of The Princess Of Staten Island laying around somewhere.

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