All Elite Wrestling is already stacking their roster and making arrangements to hit the ground running. With the first five performer contracts signed there is likely going to be way more people come into the picture as time goes on.

AJ Styles is currently going through a bit of a change in WWE as he now has a new nickname and is no longer the WWE Champion. His contract is running up in April and Dave Scherer said on PW Insider Elite audio that Styles has another option with All Elite Wrestling and “he would certainly fit in with what they do.”

Several popular Superstars are paying very close attention to the events going on with All Elite Wrestling and you never know if AJ Styles might be one of those people

Preparation for a performer such as AJ Styles could result in huge business if done correctly. All Elite Wrestling could give Styles a great chance to remain active in the professional wrestling business and work a much lighter schedule than WWE requires as well.

Mike Johnson went on to comment about how much damage AJ Styles has already done to his own body. He is a veteran looking to wrap up his time in the ring. The biggest question is where he will fly his banner in the remaining years of his career.

“Listen, he is toward the end of his career. When I interviewed him […] he talked about if there’s anything differently he would have done in his career he would have gone to NXT. I asked him if he regretted not spending time in NXT because he went right onto the main roster at the Rumble. He went, ‘No because I’ve put in a lot of my time and mileage on this body and I only have a limited time left and I’m getting older.'”

“He’s toward the end of his career and he’s got a family. So if I’m AJ Styles this is how I look at it […] If I’m going to sign a deal I’m going to sign it with the expectation that it’s the last contract I’m going to sign. So what’s gonna give me the most band for my buck?”

Johnson noted that AJ Styles has several options on where he could go from NJPW to an upstart company like All Elite Wrestling. Styles could also stay in WWE which could be the guarantee for more money.

Only time will tell what AJ Styles does next. He could always smell the money in a part-time deal with WWE and take that contract. You never know if he could decide to take a chance and go Double Or Nothing. We will have to wait and see, but AJ Styles’ situation is just one of many interesting things that 2019 will bring us.

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