WWE Changing Up AJ Styles’ Nickname

WWE likes to make sure that their Superstars have names that set them apart from everyone else. It seems like WWE might be altering the name of one of their biggest Superstars, AJ Styles.

Several times throughout the SmackDown broadcast on New Year’s Day, WWE broadcasters referred to AJ Styles as “The Real AJ Styles.” This is a subtle name change, but it is still noticiable.

This could be in reference to how we’re seeing his true personality after laying out Vince McMahon backstage. AJ doesn’t feel sorry for that either.

For whatever reason, it looks like he’s keeping the Phenomenal moniker as well as this new one. However, don’t be alarmed if you see “The Real AJ Styles” start to pop up in merchandising by the way that WWE was dropping the new name over the course of the show.