WWE has been a family-friendly TV-PG company since advertisers caused them to make the switch. They do make a lot more money with programming for general audiences.

Still, some fans would much rather see a return to the days where WWE isn’t so safe for children. Carmella recently reacted to a call for a return to NSFW programming and she might have missed the point.

One fan tweeted out saying that Carmella was better than the seven-second dance breaks that WWE is sticking her with. Of course, she’s having a great time dancing making towns with the gimmick, but that’s not the point.

“If I see anymore dance breaks I’m gonna go crazy. Carmella is better than that. It’s time to go back to tv-14. This kiddy stuff has to stop.”

Carmella fired back while making a reference to the popular Netflix film “Bird Box” to say that she’s not stopping any time soon. The issue of returning to TV-14 programming might not have been addressed, but ignoring that specific point could have also been something in line with WWE’s wishes.

“Get your #Birdbox blindfold out because I’m not stopping anytime soon, Brian!”

Only time will tell if a move to Fox in October 2019 could cause WWE to step up their game. They likely won’t be moving away from TV-PG because that’s where all of the money is, but Fox might encourage them to cease with the dance breaks at least.

H Jenkins

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