Rumor Killer On Cody Rhodes’ Reported WWE Contract Offer

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Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are no longer with Ring Of Honor. They are doing their own thing and changing the world, but they won’t apparently be doing it for WWE.

We previously reported via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “Three of the four turned down WWE main event money, multi-year deals for more than seven figures annually.” Apparently, there is a huge conflicting report to this claim from Dave Meltzer.

Brad Shepard stated: “How ironic this comes out after my recent report. As I was told, Dave is either doing him a favor by boosting the number or is being given bad information. ‘Nobody is offering Rhodes millions of dollars.'”

We have previously covered Shepard’s report on this situation as well. His source has told him in the past that nobody is offering Cody Rhodes that much money. There seems to be possibly be an agenda being worked or a journalist with an agenda. Either way, both reports can’t be true. This makes the “Money Shakes” bit on Being The Elite all that much more interesting.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like Cody Rhodes or The Young Bucks are making their way to WWE.

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