EC3 Handles Airport Dilemma Differently Than Most

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WWE Superstars have to travel all the time so they spend a good portion of their lives in airports. You’d think that this kind of thing could be something that they’d get used to, but it’s still hard to wait for your flight.

EC3 is currently experiencing some travel dilemmas, but he’s taking a different tact than most about his recent predicament.

“I am stuck in the CLT airport with many delays and people usually complain on Twitter and @ an airline about it, but I have a nice book, the worlds information on my phone via the internet, and Britt Baker is here too so we’re having a nice conversation. It’s no big deal,” EC3 wrote.

Carter is on his way to the WWE main roster very soon. He will be one of a handful that will shake things up. Hopefully, he’ll be able to catch his flight by then.

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