Alexa Bliss Reveals She Is Suffering From Illness

WWE Superstars have a lot of contact with each other backstage. If there is some kind of a bug going around, it’s likely to get to a lot of people. This is why WWE has someone on staff to make sure all Superstars have their required shots to minimize this issue. Unfortunately, you can’t stop everyone from getting sick.

We previously reported that Finn Balor is ill and he was pulled from some dates because of it. This could be an interesting situation indeed.

Mike Johnson noted on PW Insider Elite audio that more members of the WWE roster are sick and now we know of at least one other person who is afflicted.

Alexa Bliss posted an Instagram story to let fans know she is sick as well. Hopefully, she will be able to recover in time for anything WWE might need her for this Sunday at WWE TLC.

Get better, Bliss.