Who Really Makes Sure WWE Superstars Get Their Vaccinations?

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WWE Raw featured a backstage segment with Dean Ambrose where he said that he wouldn’t be in Milwaukee while dissing the city which would later have their Wikipedia page hacked due to the event. Ambrose got a series of shots from a doctor using a ridiculously oversized needle that might make some fake squeamish, but it turns out that there is someone on board to make sure all of the WWE Superstars are up on their vaccinations.

Mike Johnson discussed on PW Insider Elite audio how WWE has someone on staff who is actually responsible for making sure that our favorite Superstars are kept up to date with such things due to the various parts of the globe they are required to visit.

“WWE has people who work in talent relations and one of their job responsibilities is actually to monitor inoculations to make sure that everybody under a contract in a situation they are inoculated for the tours especially when they go international so there is less of a chance of them catching something when they’re in other parts of the country.”

WWE obviously takes care of their Superstars because they are a huge investment and their health is taken very seriously. Superstars put enough wear and tear on their body already so they can’t afford to get sick on top of that. Therefore, it’s good to know WWE is taking care of them in that regard.

True, it won’t stop a random case of the mumps or hand, foot, and mouth disease like what Kairi Sane is suffering from; but they do their best to make sure all their bases are covered.

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