Becky Lynch Confirms If She Will Be Medically Cleared By WWE TLC

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Becky Lynch took a stiff punch from Nia Jax, but that won’t keep The Man down. She is ready to do battle at WWE TLC on December 16th, and nothing is going to stop her from making the show.

Lynch will have a huge battle ahead of her in San Jose as she defends the SmackDown Women’s Title in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. She isn’t worried though and loves the opportunities that WWE has provided for her.

The first-ever and current SmackDown Women’s Champion has a huge following willing to stick by her side as they turned out in droves to buy a ticket just to meet Becky Lynch. Only time will tell if she will leave WWE TLC as The Champ because WWE could have even bigger things in store for her.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter said Lynch’s concussion status is cleared, but her broken nose is still an issue. The good thing about a broken nose though is a recovery time is more clear-cut than a concussion.

Lynch didn’t like the way some people were interpreting this report and The Champ couldn’t remain quiet about it.

Along with a brilliant photo from WWE Evolution, The Man said: “I’m seeing reports that I ‘might not be cleared’ for TLC. Let me say this as clearly as I can: nothing will keep me from fighting on Dec 16th. I’ve got heads to slap and a title to keep. The Man will come around.”

That should clear up anyone’s doubts about Becky Lynch’s injury status for WWE TLC. Nothing is going to keep The Man from coming around on December 16th.


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