Alexa Bliss Has A Message For Role Models That Spread Hate

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Alexa Bliss is currently recovering from concussions and is out of action. The former Women’s Champion is now an authority figure on RAW, but she hasn’t changed her heel ways in the slightest. In fact, with her new position of authority, she could abuse her power to do even more harm to the babyfaces.

As mean as Alexa Bliss might be on television, she is not that way in real life. In fact, she recently sent out a message to other role models wishing they would spread positivity and kindness as well. After all, the hate in society is getting very tiresome to deal with.

“How about some of Today’s role models teaching love, positivity & kindness instead of hate … idk just a thought, what do you think …?” Bliss said.

It didn’t take long for someone to comment about how Alexa gets “paid to beat people up.” This reply was handled by Bliss in a straight-forward fashion as she responded by saying: “You DO know that my job is what I do … not who I am right…? Its okay to separate work & life sometimes.” She also used a “Good For The Soul” hashtag to boot.

Alexa Bliss is very different off-screen. She’s personable, always smiling, and not rude at all. The Five Feet Of Fury has a great time being a bad girl on television, but she’s able to turn it off when the camera isn’t on her. Bliss just wishes others role models in society could do the same thing.


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