Huge Hole In WWE Logic With Alexa Bliss As New Authority Figure On Raw

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Alexa Bliss was given a new role on Monday Night Raw this week as WWE figured out something for her to do while she’s out of action due to concussions. We had previously reported that this could be WWE’s plan and it looks like that’s what happened.

But for some reason, Alexa Bliss’ new role on Raw didn’t sit as well with the commentary team as it did when Baron Corbin was appointed as Acting Raw General Manager by Stephanie McMahon. Dave Meltzer discussed the huge hole in WWE’s logic during Wrestling Observer Radio where he exposed a big double standard in their booking logic.

“So then the whole show, this is what I’m saying, the whole show over and over again it’s like, ‘How can she run the Women’s Division when she’s an active wrestler?’ I mean I kept wanting to band my head against the wall it’s like you have freakin’ Corbin running the whole freakin’ show and he’s an active wrestler!”

“It’s like they keep hitting you with this point like how can she run this as an active wrestler. It’s like, ‘How can you give this point?’ It makes no sense.”

Bryan Alvarez pointed out that Bliss makes even more sense as an authority figure because she’s injured while Baron Corbin is able to book matches and then wrestle in them. After all, he did book himself in a Universal Title match against Roman Reigns recently before The Big Dog was forced to relinquish his title due to a fight with leukemia.

But it seems like WWE might have some big plans for Bliss. Only time will tell how long it will take for her to get medically cleared, but hopefully, WWE will be able to utilize her talents in other ways until it is considered safe for her to wrestle.

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