WWE Superstars Not Banned From Working With Impact Wrestling Talent

WWE placed new restrictions on their United Kingdom talent recently which means that although the talent will be getting paid more in the line of a full-time WWE Superstar, they are still handcuffed when it comes to taking indie bookings at this point. We previously reported a list of promotions they are allowed to work for, but there are even limitations in those cases as well.

WWE United Kingdom talents can only work for approved promotions if they’re in dark matches and only if a paramedic is present as well. They also can’t work against any talent contracted by ROH or NJPW, but The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that there is nothing saying they can’t work against Impact Wrestling talent.

This is a very interesting decision on WWE’s part, but it might not make that big of a difference. After all, Impact Wrestling pulled LAX from their upcoming EVOLVE match against NXT’s Street Profits. The thinking was on Impact Wrestling’s side and there could have been a couple of reasons for their decision.

But at this time, WWE’s UK talent are going to have to learn how to adapt. They’re getting paid more money so people should be happy for them. Still, other fans have called these Superstars sell-outs for following their dreams and allowing their careers to evolve. But if you’re upset about the ban on who these talents can work with, if might be a little easier to take if you’re also a fan of Impact Wrestling