James Ellsworth had some serious allegations come out about him last week that aren’t to be taken lightly. If they were just allegations that would be one thing, but the evidence is pretty hard to deny.
Ellsworth has denied these allegations and his attorneys have called them baseless, but it still won’t keep him from losing work. He’s been fired from his Podcast and all previous episodes were pulled, he lost his gig at Grim’s Toy Show as a cast member on the popular YouTube Channel, and now it looks like he’s losing another big gig that could have meant good money for him.
We have been told that Ellsworth has been pulled from the Westlecade Weekend Super Show on November 23rd, 24th, and 25th in Winston Salem, NC. That’s three days of work that Ellsworth will be missing out on as well as a chance for him to make money on photo ops and merch sales.
It looks like things aren’t going to be getting any easier for James Ellsworth before they get better. But his accuser has said that she’s not calling the cops because she wonders “WTF are police gonna do?” We will keep you updated on this story as more information is released.

Felix Upton

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