Former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth’s Accuser Breaks Down Allegations Against Him In Detail

James Ellsworth recently had some disturbing allegations come to light about him. These allegations said that he sent inappropriate pictures toa 16-year-old girl and now she’s coming forward.

@KliqKid released a video which you can see below detailing the story from her perspective. But before we get started please be reminded that James Ellsworth is innocent until proven guilty and these are just allegations against him.

It is said that she met Ellsworth on Friday, November 9th and her friend told her that James Ellsworth “is a creep” and asked her to meet him at his car. Her friend was 30, she is 16. Ellsworth asked her how old she was and when she told him he said, “nevermind.” However, he followed her on Twitter at her request.

She said that she DM’ed Ellsworth on Saturday to wish him good luck in his match. He asked her for her Snapchat so she gave it to him and he added him. She says she has screenshots of all of the selfies, conversations, and his Snapchat ID.

She said that once she put the post up “multiple female wrestlers” also sent her a message and said that he’s always trying to do this kind of thing and always trying to get with them backstage.

Like stated before, these are allegations and we will keep you updated as we receive more information on this matter. James Ellsworth commented on the situation and denied the allegations before directing any further questions to his attorney.