Daniel Bryan Reveals the Chances of WWE Allowing Him to Wrestle Again

Daniel Bryan Reveals the Chances of WWE Allowing Him to Wrestle Again

Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Busted Open Radio this past Thursday and talked about his future in professional wrestling. They passed along the following notes from the interview:

“Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan sat down with Busted Open at WWE Night at the New Jersey Devils this past Thursday, and we aired our interview with him on the show today. Below are two tweets with the audio of unedited comments by Daniel Bryan on his health and concussions as well as his future.

D. Bryan says that if he were to get any test back that says he couldn’t wrestle that he wouldn’t because his family is his top priority, but that right now “All the tests that I’m taking are all saying that not only am I good, but better than your average person who’s never had any concussions.”

D. Bryan when asked about the possibility of returning to the ring for the WWE or going to a company like Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling when his contract with the WWE is up, he says “I think there is an 85% chance that I will wrestle again and a 20% chance that WWE will clear me to wrestle.” He also says that in 2013 he wrestled 227 matches that year for the WWE and that he would never want to wrestle that type of schedule again. He believes if the WWE were to clear him, he would wrestle a much lighter schedule than previously.

Busted Open with Dave Lagreca & co-hosts Bully Ray & Larry Dallas can be heard weekdays from 2p-4p Eastern Time only on SiriusXM Rush Channel 93 and is available any time on demand on the SiriusXM App.”


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  • NoGoodMickey

    Ugh, just stop.

  • Craig Bradshaw

    I’d clear him for wwe. Plus, put the onus on him with regards to getting hurt. Give him a light schedule. If he gets hurt really bad, than you part ways with him.

  • Vance

    I’ve always said that he is going to end up like Misawa and die in the ring because he refused to retire when he should have. You get one brain, how you use it is up to you.

  • TheVoicz

    “The chances of me returning are like the chances that the Bella sisters won’t suck cock backstage tomorrow.” – Bryan Danielson 2017

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