Vince McMahon Not Happy with Bayley's Reaction on RAW

Vince McMahon Not Happy with Bayley’s Reaction on RAW

Dave Meltzer indicated on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon was not happy with the negative reaction Bayley received Monday night during her interview where commented on her injury she suffered in her match against Nia Jax.

Meltzer mentioned that when McMahon doesn’t like the way something is playing out on live television, he directs one of the announcers to comment that the situation is “bizarro world” and that is what Corey Graves ended up saying when the boos rained down.


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  • Philip Manley

    Vince’s unhappiness means somebody is about to get fired

    • Rayan Farah


      • Ziggy Z

        Hate to bust you guys little admiration society but that’s not necessarily true at all…He was upset with Braun Strowman for saying belt instead of title and also Titus ONeal for yanking his arm…these two plus Paige are still employed! case closed

        • Rayan Farah

          Titus was suspended.
          And he can’t just ^fire^ a guy like Strowman cuz he is one of the biggest guys he ever had in his company . Unlicke Bayley , she is a medium card name .

          • Shawn Puff

            Except he wasn’t upset with Bayley. He was upset with the reaction she got.

          • Rayan Farah

            Oh shit … the tile of the article made me think that he is mad at her .

          • Shawn Puff

            Yeah. I thought the same thing at first. The titles of some of their articles are misleading from time to time.

          • Rayan Farah

            Yeah lol

  • Darrin Dalton

    She needs the same chance The Rock was given when he was in a similar situation. Since ppl are getting less invested into her “nothing bothers me so I’m just gonna smile & stay positive & never be upset” character she’s playing, she needs to go away for a few weeks & come back as a heel with a nasty attitude. Make her attack a baby face for no reason, give her a microphone & let her tell the people how she REALLY feels.

    • Imani Hill

      Or maybe give her a Tough Girl attitude and She can use dirty tricks and cheap shots to win. or have a Female bodyguard to come and interfere with matches that she’s in ( Like Nia Jax type of character). But she can still be a face while doing so. I think that would work, since we did have some Jerk type of faces.

      • Darrin Dalton

        I think the majority of people are done with her being a baby face, it’s time for her to go heel honestly. She’s gotta come out with a terrible attitude on the mic & be insulting. I think the perfect moment would be to turn on Sasha Banks & have a really good mid term rivalry. By the time that’s over I would bet that Bayley will be extremely over with the fans as a heel they love to hate.

  • Nobby Stiles

    Ok is this all hear say. Let’s get real evidence to prove that Vince actually did this. Has Vince admitted this or is this just another made up story to get comments thread going.

    Actually prove the source of this news. Let’s hear Vince say this or otherwise it’s just made up news.

    • Omar

      That’ll never happen.

      The problem with stories like these (ESPECIALLY when they’re “quotes” from Vince) are they’re either made up, or they’re true, but nobody within the company would be crazy enough to come out and own up to it. This is why insiders always go to guys like Meltzer, because they’re either trying to start rumors or they actually witnessed something legit — but they never have to take any responsibility for it.

      But I completely understand not buying it in that case. It’s not impossible Steve Carrier made it up.

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