WWE brought Money in the Bank to Toronto, and the crowd was thrilled to see Sami Zayn. Fresh off his successful comedy night, Sami Zayn was ready to defend his Intercontinental Title against Bron Breakker.

The match between Sami Zayn and Bron Breakker for the WWE Intercontinental Championship was a high point for many fans. Zayn received a strong reaction from the Toronto crowd, showcasing his popularity.

Breakker has been on a dominant streak since his call-up to RAW during the 2024 WWE Draft. He has left a trail of broken bodies, including Ricochet, whom he attacked so severely backstage that Ricochet was written out of WWE’s storylines. The match was a clash of two former NXT Champions, and fans anticipated a show-stealer.

Sami mounted some impressive offense against Bron Breakker, managing to stifle Breakker’s explosive moves. The action moved outside the ring, where Breakker took control.


Zayn executed a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Breakker kicked out. Breakker then hit a Frankensteiner, but Zayn also kicked out. Breakker delivered a flying clothesline from the ring apron as Zayn sat on the announce table, knocking out the commentary team’s headsets.

Back in the ring, Zayn nailed an exploder suplex in the corner, but Breakker countered with a spear as Sami went for the Helluva Kick. Breakker followed with a powerslam, but Zayn retaliated with a kick and then a Helluva Kick, securing the 1-2-3 to retain the title.

This was a significant win for Sami Zayn in Canada. He remains a hero to the Toronto fans, successfully defending his IC Title against Bron Breakker.

What’s your take on Bron Breakker vs. Sami Zayn? Do you think they are both on their way to the WWE Hall of Fame someday? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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