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WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Lineup:

  • Men’s Money in the Bank match
  • Women’s Money in the Bank match
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Damian Priest (c) vs. Seth Rollins
  • Intercontinental Championship match: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Bron Breakker
  • Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton vs. The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa and/or Jacob Fatu)

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Pre-Show

Michael Cole is your host tonight. We see Drew McIntyre, Carmelo Hayes, Andrade, Chad Gable, Jey Uso, and LA Knight arriving at the arena earlier today.

Joining Cole are Big E and Wade Barrett. They discuss tonight’s card, highlighting the six-man tag match as the main event.


In the backstage area, Seth Rollins prepares. They delve into the World Championship Match.

Next, we cut to part one of Michael Cole’s interview with Seth Rollins. Cole welcomes Seth back after a few months away. Seth admits feeling nervous but grateful for the warm welcome. While he cherished time with family, the energy of the crowd rejuvenates him.

Cole asks about Seth’s family. Seth mentions Becky’s doing great, but stays mum on her future. He shares their daughter’s spirited influence. Cole shifts to WrestleMania weekend, particularly Seth’s night one match. Seth recalls the chilly atmosphere warming with intensity, feeling at home despite the pressure. He relied on adrenaline despite the match’s outcome.

Discussing night two’s opening match, Seth reflects on the unique challenge of wrestling two consecutive WrestleMania nights. Despite the daunting task, he felt duty-bound to defend the title to his utmost ability. Seth emphasizes his commitment to not vacating the title, citing Drew’s post-match challenge.

Cole acknowledges the rigorous back-to-back matches, noting Seth’s determination to uphold the title’s prestige. Cole inquires why Seth joined forces with the Bloodline. Seth reveals his willingness to risk everything to confront Roman Reigns.

Cole then asks how Roman’s fixation affected their title match. Seth explains that disrupting Roman’s focus by appearing at ringside played a pivotal role in his strategy and ultimately paid off. Reflecting on post-WrestleMania, Seth admits to feeling a sense of fulfillment and the opportunity to finally rest after twelve years of constant activity. He saw it as a chance to undergo surgery and take a much-needed break.

Next, we witness the arrival of Judgment Day. Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton are seen entering the arena, alongside Kevin Owens in the backstage area.

The Bloodline is spotted in the backstage corridors.

Switching gears, Cole discusses WWE’s efforts in coordinating with the Canadian government to facilitate Jacob Fatu’s entry into the country.

Elsewhere, Sami Zayn converses with Cathy Kelley. Cathy Kelley asks Sami Zayn how he’s managed everything this week. Sami admits the past ten days have been challenging, juggling his comedy show commitments with preparing for Bron Breakker. Balancing both has been tough, but now that the comedy show is behind him, he feels the adrenaline and nerves kicking in. Sami asserts he won’t leave his home country without the Intercontinental Championship.

Meanwhile, Jackie Redmond interviews Bron Breakker. She questions whether Sami’s experience gives him an advantage. Bron acknowledges Sami’s extensive wrestling career worldwide but asserts he’s a different kind of athlete. He promises that winning the title in Canada against Sami will make the victory even sweeter.

They shift to discussing the Intercontinental Title Match. During the conversation, Big E steps away for a prior commitment.

A video package highlights the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Participants from last year’s women’s match discuss their experiences while watching highlights. Jackie Redmond discusses Toronto’s rich wrestling history.

Shawn Michaels joins Wade and Cole. Cole mentions Heatwave and NXT’s history in Toronto, asking Shawn what fans can expect. Shawn mentions the exciting young talent eager to perform in Toronto and emphasizes that all titles will be contested.

Cole brings up Oba Femi, asking Shawn Michaels for his initial impression upon seeing him. Shawn discusses the NIL program and singles out Oba Femi as a prime example of its success. Shawn expresses confidence in Oba’s abilities, noting his dominance over the past year and his continuous improvement. He praises Wes Lee but acknowledges the challenge he faces against Oba.

Next, Cathy Kelley interviews Jey Uso. She queries Jey about his recent statements and how a victory tonight would impact his career. Jey confidently asserts that winning tonight would mark his first singles title and declares his intent to grab the case and secure victory.

Cole reveals Jey as his pick for the match. They then transition to discuss the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

In the arena, Big E performs the classic New Day intro for Money in the Bank. He enters the ring and stands beside a ladder. Cole asks Big E to demonstrate how he secured his Money in the Bank victory.

Big E admits to a fear of heights and opts to talk about his 2021 Money in the Bank victory instead of climbing the ladder.

Jackie Redmond takes over hosting duties from Michael Cole for the second hour. She is joined by Big E and Wade Barrett.

In the backstage area, Chelsea Green and Naomi are seen walking. Iyo Sky, Zoey Stark, Tiffany Stratton, and Lyra Valkyria also make their way through.

Zoey Stark accidentally bumps into Trish Stratus.

The show then features a segment on “Money in the Bank… by the numbers.”

Next, we move on to part two of the Seth Rollins interview. Cole shifts the discussion to Damian Priest, who also cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania. He asks Seth about Priest’s tenure as World Champion.

Seth reflects on his own first championship reign, describing the pressure of holding the title and speculating whether Priest is merely keeping the title warm until Seth’s return. He acknowledges Priest’s success but notes that Priest needed help from The Judgment Day to secure his victory. Seth expresses confidence in his abilities for tonight’s match.

Cole inquires about the stipulations Seth imposed on tonight’s match and asks why he did it. Seth explains that he sees potential in Priest but emphasizes the importance of standing alone and not relying solely on others.

Next, Cole asks about Seth’s legacy and whether he’s reconsidered what it should be. Seth admits he feels he’s reaching his prime but acknowledges that more of his career lies in the past than in the future. He expresses a desire to win the World Championship again and build on his accomplishments.

Cole presses on, asking what happens if Seth doesn’t win tonight. Seth admits he hasn’t considered that outcome but asserts his confidence in overcoming setbacks. He mentions that facing adversity has always brought out his best.

Finally, Cole mentions a potential match against Gunther if Seth wins tonight. Seth describes it as a dream match, noting he hasn’t faced Gunther yet and would relish the opportunity at SummerSlam.

We explore WWE’s community efforts in Toronto this week. We also revisit the men who observed last year’s ladder match.

Cathy Kelley catches up with Tiffany Stratton, who confidently discusses tonight’s match. She asserts that while others may worry about her, they should actually fear her. She vows to ascend the ladder and seize the briefcase.

Next, Cathy interviews LA Knight.

Big E highlights Chelsea Green as a contender, while Wade Barrett suggests keeping an eye on Io Shirai.

Cathy Kelley then speaks with LA Knight about his recent comments regarding Jey Uso. Knight acknowledges the support around him and Uso, emphasizing that he’s always seen himself as ‘Money in the Bank’ since day one. He asserts his determination to claim the briefcase tonight.

Next, Cathy Kelley meets with Chelsea Green at the CN Tower.

Chelsea marvels at the tower’s height before they ascend to its top, where they walk on the outer edge. Chelsea confidently declares her intention to win tonight. She discusses her custom gear and expresses gratitude to Cathy for her spirited encouragement.

Turning our attention to the World Title Match, we start with a compelling video package. But first, don’t forget to check out the latest WWE merchandise available at the WWE Store.

As the announce team introduces themselves, Jackie Redmond, Big E, and Wade Barrett discuss the upcoming Priest vs. Rollins match. They then shift gears to analyze the six-man tag match.

Next, we witness Trish Stratus making her entrance to the ring as the host of the evening. Trish expresses her joy at being back home and warmly welcomes everyone. She shares her excitement about presiding over a night that promises to redefine WWE history. Trish then introduces Samantha Irvin to perform the Star Spangled Banner, followed by Ryland James for O Canada.

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Results:

Corey Graves and Michael Cole are your announcers for tonight’s event.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring Drew McIntyre, Jey Uso, LA Knight, Carmelo Hayes, Chad Gable, and Andrade

They pair off: Drew starts with a headbutt, but Knight responds with a clothesline that sends Drew over the top rope. Meanwhile, Hayes lands punches on Knight and follows up with a kick. Chad Gable applies a side headlock on Andrade, while Knight executes a powerful slam. In the ring, Jey Uso and Knight find themselves alone.

Hayes and Chad bring ladders into the ring, but Knight dropkicks Chad through the ropes while Jey dives out with a suicide dive onto Carmelo. Drew pulls Andrade off the apron and slams him into the ringside barrier. Jey and Knight grab a ladder, but Drew intercepts with another ladder, hitting both of them. Drew then targets Chad and Hayes, slamming Chad’s head into a ladder and setting up one to climb. Chad interrupts, trading punches with Drew, who retaliates and smashes Chad’s head into the ladder’s top. Chad locks in a figure-four armbar on Drew, but Andrade breaks it with a springboard leg drop onto Chad.

Andrade uses the ladder to hit Drew and Knight, then climbs it, only for Hayes to punch him to stop. Andrade and Hayes trade blows until Andrade returns to the ladder, with Hayes landing a springboard clothesline to halt Andrade. Hayes brings in a larger ladder, and Andrade executes an inverted Spanish Fly onto it. Meanwhile, Jey and Drew exchange punches; Jey delivers a Samoan drop and a spear to Drew, then kicks Chad and lands an uppercut and dragon whip. Chad responds with a German suplex to Jey, followed by a deadlift German suplex to Drew. Chad catches Hayes mid-springboard with a Chaos Theory suplex and then suplexes a ladder onto Andrade.

Chad climbs the ladder, but Knight pulls him off and throws him into the turnbuckles. Knight delivers kicks, but Chad counters with a dragon screw. Chad attempts to slide a ladder at Knight, who dodges and hits a neckbreaker onto the ladder, leaving both men feeling the impact. Knight and Hayes trade punches near the announce table, with Knight repeatedly slamming Hayes into it. Knight sets up a ladder between the announce table and apron and tries to powerbomb Hayes through it, but Hayes lands on his feet and hits the First 48.

Hayes climbs the ladder, but Chad pulls him down. Hayes retaliates with kicks and attempts to climb again. Chad stops him with forearms and joins him on the ladder, bridging it to apply an ankle lock. On the other side of a larger ladder, Andrade climbs, and Chad sends Hayes crashing into the ladder, knocking him to the mat. Chad then slams Andrade into the top of the ladder several times. Drew intervenes by pulling Chad off the ladder and hurling him into the smaller ladder.

Drew sets up for a powerbomb onto the ladder against the turnbuckles, slamming Chad onto it. He follows up with a Claymore kick that sends Andrade over the top rope. Jey interrupts Drew’s climb to the top of the ladder with a headbutt, but Knight strikes Drew with a ladder. Jey capitalizes with a superkick, and Knight adds a BFT to Drew. Jey climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a frog splash on Drew. Jey and Knight trade punches atop the ladder, with Jey gaining the upper hand and grabbing the briefcase momentarily.

Knight fights back with punches, but Hayes tips the ladder over, sending both Knight and Jey into the ropes. Hayes then executes a flip dive onto Chad. Climbing to the top, Hayes lands a ‘Nothin But Net’ on Jey. He ascends the ladder and reaches for the briefcase, but Andrade re-enters the ring, pulling Hayes down and throwing a ladder at him.

Andrade sets a ladder between the ropes and the one in the ring. He and Hayes climb, exchanging forearms, until Knight intervenes. Andrade counters Knight with a sunset flip powerbomb to Hayes through the ladder. Chad locks in a waistlock, and Knight knocks him off the ladder, then slams Chad’s head into it. Chad retaliates with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope onto a ladder against the announce table.

Chad climbs the ladder, but Jey stops him and pulls the ladder away, causing Chad to cling to the hook before falling to the mat. Jey follows up with a spear to Chad and climbs the ladder himself. Drew interrupts Jey’s ascent with a ladder shot, sending him crashing to the mat, then delivers a Claymore kick. Drew climbs the ladder and secures the briefcase.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn vs. Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker makes his way to the ring to the beat of his fresh theme music. The moment the bell rings, he wastes no time, swiftly executing a powerful backdrop on his opponent. Bron Breakker starts strong with a waist lock takedown. He invites Sami to hit him, but Sami opts to slap Bron instead. Bron responds by driving Sami into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Sami fights back with punches and an uppercut, then takes to the air with a forearm off the turnbuckle and follows up with more strikes.

After both return to the ring, Sami chops Bron, but Bron retaliates with a running clothesline and punches. Bron then hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. He continues with a knee to Sami’s head and shows off with some push-ups. Sami counters with an uppercut and tries a move off the turnbuckle, but Bron catches him. Sami manages to escape a suplex and hits a tornado DDT from a wrist lock for a near fall.

Sami unleashes a series of punches and then leaps over Bron, catching him with a clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the floor. Sami follows up with a chop, but Bron reverses an Irish whip. Sami attempts a moonsault off the ringside barrier, but Bron catches him.

Turning the tables, Sami sends Bron crashing into the ring post and then to the floor. Sami tries to dive through the corner for a tornado DDT, but Bron halts him with a devastating clothesline on the outside. Bron signals for a big move, but Sami counters with a kick and nails a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two-count.

Regaining momentum, Bron delivers punches in the corner and positions Sami on the turnbuckles. With precision, Bron executes an uppercut and sets up for a Frankensteiner, connecting for another near fall.

Bron Breakker charges around the ring, aiming for a spear, but Sami Zayn cleverly leapfrogs over him, causing Bron to stop short of the steps. Seizing the opportunity, Bron places Sami on the announce table and delivers a clothesline from the apron, sending Sami crashing over the table.

After returning Sami to the ring, Bron appears to favor his knee. Despite this, he lifts Sami overhead, but Sami counters with an exploder into the turnbuckle. Sami prepares for his signature Helluva Kick, but Bron intercepts with a jumping hip attack. Bron doesn’t relent, lifting Sami once more and executing a powerful powerslam.

Bron sets up for another spear, but Sami kicks him away. Seizing the moment, Sami connects with his Helluva Kick and secures the victory via pinfall, retaining his championship.

Winner: Sami Zayn

The return of Bad Blood is announced for October 5th, marking its 27th anniversary.

Trish Stratus comes out. Trish asks the crowd if they’re enjoying themselves, mentioning the special moments of the evening and reminiscing about her own experiences in the building. She hints at being the surprise partner of someone in the past.

Suddenly, Trish introduces John Cena, and the arena erupts as Cena makes his grand entrance to the ring.

John Cena addresses the crowd, noting their readiness to sing and acknowledging their enthusiasm. He then drops the bombshell: he announces his official retirement from WWE. He acknowledges the mixed reactions but explains his decision.

John reflects on his career spanning over two decades, highlighting the highs and lows he’s witnessed, particularly emphasizing the steadfast support of Canadian fans through thick and thin. He credits them for WWE’s success and expresses gratitude for their loyalty.

Explaining the timing of his retirement announcement, Cena ties it to Money in the Bank, symbolizing opportunity. He reveals that while tonight’s farewell is significant, his journey continues with WWE’s move to Netflix and upcoming historic events. Cena plans to make 2025 a year of “lasts,” including his final Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania competition.

He concludes by inviting questions at the start of a press conference, leaving the crowd and viewers with a mix of emotions and anticipation for what lies ahead in his storied career.

John Cena expresses his gratitude to the fans, appreciating their kind gesture. He thanks everyone for allowing him to perform in the arena they helped build, for their vocal support and honesty throughout his career. Cena acknowledges the privilege of being present that night and announces his intention to return to Toronto to continue his journey and “kick some ass.” He boldly declares that if anyone wants to challenge him, they should act quickly because his final chapter is unfolding now.

In another scene, Damian Priest is seen in the CLUBHOUSE, where Finn Balor tells Priest it’s time to assert dominance. Priest sternly warns everyone not to interfere in his affairs.

As Priest exits, Finn sarcastically responds, “Whatever you say… boss,” in a dismissive and condescending manner.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Damian Priest vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins starts with punches and attempts a Pedigree, but Damian Priest escapes and goes for his South of Heaven move. Seth counters with a kick and chops. Priest blocks a suplex and hits a Broken Arrow. He follows up with punches and a forearm, then lands a leaping flatliner for a near fall.

Priest continues the assault with elbows in the corner, momentarily distracted as he looks up the aisle. This allows Rollins to recover and hit a sling blade. Rollins then clotheslines Priest over the top rope to the floor and scans the aisle for Drew. He follows up with a suicide dive that sends Priest crashing into the announce table, then repeats the move. Rollins attempts a third suicide dive, sending Priest over the announce table.

Rollins leaps over Priest, who misses a kick. Rollins capitalizes with a rollup and a super kick, followed by a springboard senton and a quebrada for another close near fall.

Rollins continues the action with a thrust kick to Priest’s chest followed by a forearm. He misses a forearm aimed at the back of Priest’s head, allowing Priest to capitalize with a headlock driver. Priest signals for his finishing move, South of Heaven, but Rollins counters with a hurricanrana and nearly gets the pinfall.

Priest responds with a clothesline and attempts a Razor’s Edge, but Rollins fights back to his feet. Rollins avoids Priest’s maneuver off the turnbuckle and slams him down. He follows up with a running knee strike and then ascends the ropes, executing a frog splash for another near fall.

Rollins targets Priest’s leg with a kick and follows it up with an elbow strike. Priest sends Rollins to the apron, but Rollins counters with an elbow. Priest tries to halt Rollins on the turnbuckles with an uppercut. Priest sets up for a hurricanrana, but Rollins counters with a buckle bomb. Priest retaliates with a sit-out powerbomb for another close near fall.

The intensity rises as Priest and Rollins exchange forearms, escalating into a heated exchange of kicks and strikes. Rollins delivers a superkick, but Priest responds with a cyclone kick and partially blocks a second superkick attempt. Rollins prevents Priest from executing South of Heaven and attempts a Pedigree, but Priest counters with a back body drop. Rollins quickly recovers, hitting a Stomp and scoring another near fall.

Rollins challenges Priest to get to his feet like a man, prompting Priest to deliver a Razor’s Edge for yet another near fall.

Seth Rollins positions Damian Priest on the turnbuckles, preparing for a superplex. Priest fights back by boxing Rollins’ ears, causing Rollins to momentarily lose his balance. Rollins recovers and manages to execute a superplex. He follows up with an attempt at the Falcon Arrow, but Priest counters with a knee strike. Rollins persists and hits the Falcon Arrow for a close near fall.

Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and he arrives at the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase, though there’s no referee present. Drew enters the ring and hands the briefcase to the referee, officially making it a Triple Threat Match.

As the match intensifies, Rollins strikes Drew with a superkick, but Drew retaliates with a Future Shock DDT. Drew prepares for a Claymore on Rollins, but Priest intervenes with a clothesline to Drew, sending him out of the ring. Priest then dispatches Rollins to the floor and turns his attention back to Drew, avoiding South of Heaven and delivering a thrust kick.

The match takes a chaotic turn when CM Punk’s music hits, and he appears to attack Drew McIntyre. Amidst the scuffle, Punk uses a chair to assault Drew multiple times, even choking him with the cord. Punk continues the assault with punches and more chair shots, eventually sending Drew over the ringside barrier.

Punk retrieves the championship belt and brings it into the ring, striking Drew with it. Meanwhile, in the ring, Priest capitalizes on the chaos, hitting South of Heaven on Rollins and securing the victory via pinfall.

Winner: Damian Priest (retains championship)

After the match concludes with Damian Priest retaining the championship, Seth Rollins is visibly frustrated and enraged by the interference from CM Punk. Feeling thwarted, Rollins attempts to confront Punk, but Corey Graves steps in to restrain him. Rollins, seething with anger, struggles against Graves’ hold, clearly wanting to get his hands on Punk but unable to do so at that moment.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Iyo Sky vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Chelsea Green vs. Naomi vs. Zoey Stark

Everyone except Chelsea heads to the floor to grab a ladder. Zoey places one on the apron, and Green wrests a ladder away from Iyo. Naomi uses a ladder to ram Tiffany into the ringside barrier. Green starts climbing but pauses, attempting to dislodge the case with the ladder. She knocks Naomi and Zoey off the apron with it. Iyo delivers a springboard dropkick to Green. Tiffany strikes Iyo, who retaliates with a kick. Iyo chops Tiffany, but Tiffany counters with a forearm. Iyo misses a handspring kick, and Tiffany narrowly avoids being Irish whipped into a ladder. Iyo dropkicks Tiffany into the ladder and follows up with a running double knee strike.

Lyra attempts a tornado DDT but gets caught in the ropes. Meanwhile, Lyra executes a DDT on Iyo and follows up with a fisherman’s buster onto a ladder. Setting the ladder in the ring, Lyra knocks Green down outside. Zoey enters with a springboard dropkick to Lyra, then lands a superkick followed by a DDT. Zoey clotheslines Lyra and hits a TKO onto the ladder. Placing Lyra on the ladder, Zoey heads to the apron and goes for a slingshot twisting senton, but hits the ladder with her head instead.

Naomi delivers a Thesz Press to Zoey on the ladder, followed by a split-legged moonsault onto it. Tiffany locks in a waist hold, countered by Naomi’s back elbow. Tiffany performs a cartwheel into an Alabama Slam on Naomi on the ladder. She then uses a ladder to push Iyo into the corner and trap her before walking it and hitting a swanton onto everyone.

Green positions the ladder in the center of the ring and starts climbing, but Iyo strikes her back with another ladder and hits her in the face. Iyo begins climbing, but Lyra pulls her off and traps her in the ladder, slamming her head into it. Iyo retaliates with repeated kicks to Lyra’s head while she’s caught in the ladder. Lyra manages to pull herself up and German suplexes Iyo off the ladder, only to be kicked off by Zoey shortly after. Iyo kicks Lyra off the ladder. Zoey follows by kicking Lyra off as well.

Tiffany and Zoey start climbing one ladder while Naomi sets up another. Naomi pulls Tiffany down and delivers a knee strike. Zoey is also pulled off the ladder. Tiffany and Zoey tug at the ladders while Naomi executes a split. Zoey kicks Tiffany, and Naomi hits a DDT on her. Naomi begins climbing, but Tiffany intervenes and sends Naomi to the floor. Naomi pulls Tiffany down and slams her into the ringside barrier before retrieving a table from under the ring.

Green sends Naomi into the ring steps and strategizes with Tiffany, setting up the table. Back in the ring, Zoey and Lyra start climbing ladders. Iyo springboards onto the ladder, but Zoey stops her. Green uses the ladder to hit Iyo, and Tiffany stops Lyra. Green and Iyo exchange chops and forearms, setting the stage for the Ladder War. Iyo sends Green into a ladder, and Zoey catapults Tiffany into another. Lyra positions herself atop a ladder with the briefcase. She kicks Zoey away but is then stopped and choke slammed onto the ladder by Zoey.

Naomi delivers a round kick to Zoey and sends her into the ladder. Naomi climbs the ladder, but Green stops her with a forearm. Green then performs an Unprettier on Naomi onto the ladder across the ring. Zoey climbs to the top, and Iyo manages to stop her. They both struggle for the briefcase, and Iyo pulls at Zoey’s fingers. Zoey punches Iyo and sets up for a superplex off the ladder, but Iyo counters. Iyo hits a tombstone off the ladder, sending Zoey crashing through a ladder positioned parallel to the mat.

Green pushes Iyo to the floor and begins climbing the ladder, but Tiffany intervenes. In a dramatic turn, Tiffany pushes Green off the ladder, and she crashes through the tables set up earlier.

Tiffany seizes the opportunity and grabs the case.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Jackie Redmond is interviewing Trish Stratus about the show when Tiffany Stratton interrupts, asserting that they should be focusing on her. She insists Trish should be acknowledging her, claiming she’s going viral.

Trish calmly responds that she was about to congratulate Tiffany but advises her not to get ahead of herself. Trish emphasizes that how Tiffany handles cashing in the contract will determine if she’s a future Hall of Famer or just a fleeting presence. Tiffany retorts, suggesting Trish’s time has passed while hers is just beginning.

Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton vs. The Bloodline

Cody starts off the match, and Solo decides to enter the ring first for his team. Before any action unfolds, Solo quickly tags in Tama. They lock up, and after a brief exchange, Tama cleanly breaks away in the corner. Cody counters with a waist lock into a side headlock, then drops down for an uppercut. Tama responds with punches, attempting an Irish whip that Cody counters with a boot and follows up with a bulldog. Kevin tags in and unleashes forearms and punches on Tama, focusing his attack in the corner. Despite the referee’s intervention, Kevin continues with more strikes.

Cody tags back in and delivers a forearm to Tama’s ribs, followed by a delayed gourdbuster. Randy requests a tag and Cody complies, with Randy landing punches and European uppercuts on Tama. Randy dominates in the corner with more punches and an uppercut, but Tama resorts to a thumb to the eyes, allowing Fatu to tag in. Randy sidesteps Fatu, sending him to the apron, then executes a hanging DDT. As Randy turns, he’s surprised to find Fatu standing, who quickly responds with a Samoan drop. Fatu follows up with a kick and pulls Randy into the corner.

Solo tags in and delivers a kick to Randy’s midsection, continuing with punches in the corner. Fatu and Tama join in, working over Randy while Solo distracts the referee. Solo chokes Randy, stomps on his hand, and continues to choke him in the ropes, while Fatu adds a kick to the head. Tama tags back in, hitting a slingshot senton on Randy and proceeding with punches and a side headlock. Randy counters with a belly-to-back suplex, leaving both men down.

Kevin tags in and unleashes punches on Tama, Solo, and Fatu. He continues with punches and kicks specifically targeting Tama, then knocks Fatu off the apron. Kevin delivers a kick to Tama followed by a clothesline. He punches Fatu off the apron again and hits a cannonball on Tama. Kevin climbs to the top rope for a swanton and gets a near fall. Fatu intervenes by punching Kevin and then pulls Tama to their corner for a tag. Fatu lands punches and a diving headbutt on Kevin.

Fatu follows up with more punches, a forceful Irish whip, and tags in Solo. Solo delivers boots to Kevin and prevents him from tagging out. He executes another hard Irish whip, and Tonga adds punches while the referee is distracted. Kevin retaliates with punches and chops, but Solo answers with his own punches, including a running hip into the corner. Fatu tags back in and hits a running hip as well. He applies a front face lock, but Kevin fights back with chops, prompting Fatu to respond with a flying crossbody. Tama tags in, continues the assault with punches on Kevin, and Kevin struggles to escape the corner. Fatu tags back in, punching Kevin, followed by Solo tagging in and continuing the punch exchange.

Solo knocks Cody off the apron and attempts to dive over the top rope, but Kevin ducks, causing Solo to crash outside. Tonga pulls Orton into the ringside barrier while Fatu distracts the referee. Solo takes advantage and punches Kevin in the corner. Kevin slaps Solo and dares him to hit back, leading to an exchange of punches where Solo gains the upper hand. Solo misses a running hip when Kevin dodges, allowing Fatu to tag back in and connect with an elbow drop. Fatu applies a chin lock and bites Kevin’s hand, following up with headbutts. Fatu attempts a splash in the corner but hits the ring post and goes down.

Cody and Solo tag in, with Cody landing numerous punches. He follows with a running forearm, floats over for a power slam, and executes a Beautiful Disaster kick followed by a Cody Cutter. Cody clotheslines Fatu out of the ring and then performs a suicide dive onto Solo. He returns to the ring and performs another suicide dive, this time onto Tonga, pushing Fatu aside. Fatu retaliates with uppercuts and punches, setting up for a spear through the ringside barrier, but Cody counters with a back body drop. Solo capitalizes with a spear on Cody for a near fall.

Solo attempts to lift Cody but Cody manages to escape. Solo evades a Pedigree from Cody and accidentally hits the referee. Seizing the opportunity, Cody hits Solo with CrossRhodes, but the referee is knocked out. Kevin climbs to the top rope and lands a frog splash while the referee is down on the floor.

Randy enters the ring, twists to the mat, and punches it in frustration. He then delivers an RKO to Solo.

Cody adjusts the announce table, setting up for a Cerberus Bomb on Solo, but Fatu intervenes and takes out Cody, Randy, and Kevin. Fatu goes for a splash on Owens against the ring post, but Kevin moves, and the referee seems to be out of action. Kevin seizes the opportunity, delivering a stunner and then hitting Fatu with a giant bottle. Owens follows up with a frog splash through the table.

Kevin sends Tama into the ring and sets up for a package piledriver, but Tonga delivers a low blow. Orton responds with an RKO to Tonga and then to Tama. Solo hits Randy with a Samoan Spike. Cody hits Solo with CrossRhodes, then holds on for another, and a third, but Fatu interrupts with a twisting senton off the turnbuckles. Fatu follows with an Implant DDT to Cody.

Fatu holds Cody for Solo, who delivers a Samoan Spike. Solo covers Cody, and miraculously, the referee comes back to life to make the three count.

Winners: Bloodline

The show concludes as we go to credits.

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