AEW has been in the business for over five years now and originally, it debuted as a proper alternative to WWE and there are lots of differences between the two companies. In fact, Chris Jericho has now revealed how AEW’s travel arrangements are superior to WWE.

Chris Jericho has been part of AEW since the very beginning and he is proud to be member of the team, especially since he carried the company on his back as the first AEW World Champion during its first year.

While speaking to Neal Brennan, Chris Jericho talked about the difference between working for WWE and AEW, pointing out the challenges and benefits. He explained that in WWE, the schedule was hectic, often working Friday through Monday and occasionally on Tuesdays, involving travel to different cities, driving, and renting cars. When AEW started, the schedule improved significantly, initially working only on Wednesdays and later adding Saturdays.

Jericho praised the Khan family for treating the talent more like an athletic team by taking care of travel arrangements, including hotels and cars, which made travel much easier compared to WWE. Jericho noted the advantage of flying into one city and flying out the next day, as opposed to the WWE schedule of driving long distances between cities and managing travel expenses independently.


“When I was working in WWE, sometimes we worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and maybe even a Tuesday once in a while. That schedule was insane, absolutely crazy. Different city, different city, driving, renting your own cars, all that sort of stuff. When AEW started, that was one of the things: we only work on Wednesdays. Now we work Wednesdays and Saturdays, but still, it’s much better. Our boss, the Khan family, they also own the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club in England, so they treat us much more like an athletic team. We get much better care with hotels, cars, all that stuff is taken care of, which wasn’t the case in WWE.”

“That makes travel a lot easier. Plus, the fact that you’re only flying into one city, flying out the next day, is a lot better than flying to one city on a Friday, picking up a car, driving 250 miles somewhere on Saturday, then driving another 200 miles somewhere on Sunday, and driving somewhere else 250 miles to get there Monday, returning your car Tuesday in a city that’s like 15 freaking states from where you got it, and you gotta pay for it all.”

Chris Jericho also pointed out how Mexican fans do not care about television ratings at all. Regardless, Jericho is more than happy with his current position in AEW and how the company is different from WWE and that’s all that matters to him.

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