Penta El Zero Miedo, one-half of the acclaimed Lucha Brothers alongside Rey Fenix, has been a pivotal figure in AEW since its inception. One of the key highlights of his career in Tony Khan’s company has been a match against CM Punk.

The bout between the luchador and The Best in the World took place on the April 13, 2022, episode of AEW Dynamite. The match was an exceptional sight to witness and saw CM Punk emerge victorious. Despite the outcome, Penta was applauded for his performance against a top-tier star like Punk.

Speaking to COMIENDO CARNITAS, Penta El Zero Miedo stated that he had a huge chip on his shoulder while competing against a megastar like CM Punk and was mainly concerned to show the world that he could inside the ring with the best in the industry.

“Remember my match with CM Punk? I tried to get a good match and Punk was very nice, but my main concern in that match was to prove the world that I can compete on par with Punk competitively and in popularity in the arena, Specially with someone that was maybe earning 50 times more than I was because of everything he had done in WWE, the indies and everything he had done in the past.”


Penta El Zero Miedo continues to be a highlight of AEW television. However, a recent report stated that he is open to leaving AEW, as his contract is set to expire soon. Fans will have to wait and see what decisions Penta makes when his contract eventually expires.

What are your thoughts on Penta El Zero Miedo’s match against CM Punk? Do you think he proved his mantle against a top star like CM Punk? Sound off in the comments!

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