Recent years have brought significant changes to WWE’s leadership, with Triple H assuming the role of Head of Creative and Nick Khan serving as President. Unsurprisingly, Triple H has recently labeled Nick Khan as a true genius for all he has done for WWE.

Nick Khan joined WWE in August 2020 following a distinguished career at ICM and CAA spanning nearly 15 years. Since his arrival, Khan has played a pivotal role in elevating WWE through various strategic business deals and navigating the television market.

While speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Triple H praised Nick Khan’s exceptional business acumen and insight. He mentioned Khan’s ability to grasp complex business dynamics, noting that even during earnings calls, investors valued Khan’s perspectives on both WWE and external sports matters.

I’ve never met a better businessman than Nick [Khan], that is too intuitive to just what is going on. It was funny, for a few years before the TKO merger, where we would do earnings calls and I felt like the investors wanted to know as much of Nick’s opinion as of what was happening to outside sports as what was happening in WWE as he was talking because his insight is so good.


Despite Khan’s reputation in sports business circles as one of the most powerful figures, Triple H revealed that Khan’s personal interests lean more towards combat sports like boxing, MMA, and professional wrestling.

Khan’s deep passion for WWE, stemming from his earlier involvement as an usher at WrestleMania in Caesar’s Palace, resonated strongly with Triple H when they first met. Triple H gave a ton of emphasis on their strong rapport and the invaluable insights Khan provides across various business initiatives, as he called Nick Khan a true genius.

Plus, it’s funny that he, at one point in time, if you would look Nick up, he would be seen and be written like ‘most powerful man in sports,’ doing all these massive deals. But in many ways, he’s not a massive outside sports fan. He doesn’t know that much about all these other sports. He does, but he’s not…you would think that he would be so into it. What he’s really into is combat sports like boxing and MMA, and what we do in pro wrestling and WWE. He is just a massive, massive fan of that, grew up, was an usher at WrestleMania in Caesar’s Palace. He’s just super into it.

So when I first met him, having that insight from him on all these other business things that we were doing and bun giving me his opinion that always 99% percent of the time ended up being dead on, plus him being such a big fan, we just got along amazingly well. Then we were lucky enough to have him come into the company and I’m lucky enough now, I get to work with him every day and get his insight on everything. [McAfee says he’s a genius] Yeah, absolutely. I don’t put that kind of stamp on a lot of people because I think a lot of people are really good at what they do, and that’s where it stops. He’s a genius.”

Nick Khan is also spearheading WWE’s current collaborations with other promotions outside the company and is largely responsible for the lucrative deals WWE has been able to secure over the years. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Triple H’s praise for Nick Khan isn’t without merit.

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