Chad Gable’s WWE contract was expiring and fans wondered what he would end up doing next. Ultimately, he chose to re-sign with WWE and Triple H recently admitted he wants Gable to remain in WWE forever.

While speaking during the post-Clash at The Castle press conference, Triple H made it clear he was happy about Chad Gable’s decision to extend his contract with WWE. He praised Gable as an exceptional performer and expressed his desire for Gable to remain with the company for the long term, performing at his peak and enjoying a successful career while maintaining good health.

Reflecting on the possibility of Gable leaving WWE, Triple H acknowledged that it would have been disappointing for him personally. He stated that while he would have supported Gable’s decision if it was best for him, he was thrilled that Gable chose to stay. Triple H described WWE as Gable’s rightful home and talked about the evolving environment within the company, noting that Gable is a part of the positive changes happening, admitting that he wants Gable to remain in WWE forever.

“He’s an amazing performer. I would like for him to be here forever, for him to be able to perform at the highest level, be seen by the most people, have an incredible career, leave here as healthy as possible. The environment has changed, and he is part of that change. To me, it would have been a shame…I would have been sad if he had been here all this time and he just went elsewhere, for whatever reason. I would have been happy for him if that was right for him and I would have wished him incredible success wherever he went. That’s part of the game and this business, but he’s an incredible performer. I’m thrilled he’s here.


I’m thrilled he’s home, where he should be. We’re all doing this together, that’s what is great about this. There is a unified movement that everybody seems to be loving and we’re all headed in the same direction. It’s just a massive movement of positive, excited young talents, and some older, that are looking to run through a wall to take this to another level. As big as it is, they are looking to make this beyond anybody’s expectations of what it can be. That mindset, especially people like Chad, he came up through the PC and we worked together for a long time. I know what his expectations are because we helped put it in him. I’m just thrilled he’s here and excited to move forward with him.”

The Alpha Academy ended up leaving Chad Gable on the June 17th edition of Monday Night RAW and afterwards, Gable got destroyed by the debuting Wyatt Sicks, so we’ll have to see what’s next in store for Gable.

Do you believe Chad Gable will eventually become the Intercontinental Champion after re-signing with WWE? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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