On the June 17 edition of Monday Night RAW in Corpus Christi, Texas, Chad Gable was determined to reclaim his shot at Sami Zayn’s Intercontinental Championship, but Adam Pearce suggested he wait his turn. Accepting this setback, Gable sought any match opportunity and was soon pitted against none other than Braun Strowman.

Despite a valiant effort, Gable fell to Strowman, who then confronted the Alpha Academy at ringside, voicing his disdain for their treatment.

After the match, Gable, furious about his loss, called out the Alpha Academy into the ring. Tensions escalated when Gable discarded Maxxine’s crutch and ejected her from the ring during a confrontation with Akira Tozawa. Otis, witnessing this, finally had enough, intervening and confronting Gable head-on to the delight of the Corpus Christi crowd.

Rather than attacking Gable, Otis stood firm, signaling a rift within the Alpha Academy. Gable, distraught, protested that they were ‘family,’ but the trio’s actions spoke louder than words, as Otis, Maxxine, and Tozawa left Gable behind in the ring.


How do you think this rift between Chad Gable, Otis, Maxxine, and Akira Tozawa will impact their future in WWE? What do you predict will happen next for each of these wrestlers following this significant moment? Let us know in the comments.

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