Cody Rhodes transcended to greater heights in WWE upon his WrestleMania 40 triumphant over Roman Reigns and claiming the Undisputed WWE Championship after a memorable main event showdown.

With The American Nightmare having his sights set on being a fighting champion despite the fans calling for character change, he has welcomed all challengers to take a shot at his Kingdom in their attempt to dethrone him.

Interestingly, Ex-WWE star and now referred to as ‘The Indy God’, Matt Cardona took to his X to seek a title match for his own. However, his claim for an opportunity against Rhodes came at the expense of an interesting fact.

Matt Cardona pointed to the fact it was 8 years ago today that he defeated Cody Rhodes, who portrayed his infamous Stardust gimmick at the time on an edition of the former show, WWE Superstars and that turned out to be his last match in WWE during his first tenure.


“Does that mean I deserve a title shot? 🤔.”

While Cardona currently is recuparting from a shoulder injury, Cody Rhodes is gearing up for his next challenger, Logan Paul, who is slated to challenge him for the Undisputed WWE Title at the next PLE, WWE King and Queen of the Ring set to take place on May 25 at the Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Do you think Matt Cardona deserves a title shot against Cody Rhodes citing old win record? Sound off in the comments!

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