Since his Undisputed WWE Championship win, Cody Rhodes has been on the top of the entire WWE roster. The American Nightmare has proved its dominance with a successful title defense against AJ Styles at WWE Backlash 2024. However, his character work seems to be a bit off in the past few weeks. 

Since his World title victory, the American Nightmare has been way more silent than one would have expected. His character seems to be less than what should be portrayed which makes things a bit underwhelming. In a latest episode of Wise Choices, Bischoff addressed how Cody Rhodes’ character work has dipped from the top. 

The veteran stated that since his title win, things haven’t been the same in Cody Rhodes’ character. He said that the previous character as a chaser for the title was better than his current one as the world class star. 

“It’s a great question. And the honest answer is I’m not sure yet. The one thing — and I noticed this a couple of weeks ago, is that Cody Rhodes is as close to that traditional ultra-babyface character that we’ve seen in a long time. Probably since John Cena, and maybe in some ways, even more so than John Cena. Because John Cena obviously, through various times throughout his career, of course he was like the — you know, he had that rapper kind of gimmick going on. And it was good and it worked; it was timely. But that didn’t really feel like the real John Cena, at least not to me personally, because I know John and I’ve worked with him.” 


“But with Cody Rhodes, what you see in the ring is not far from the real guy. And I think when you have that ‘pure as the driven snow’ babyface that Cody’s representing right now, there is a chance that some people will tire of it. And that character will need to get an edge, because if you look across the landscape of television, movie, and TV characters, especially in wrestling, they liked that babyface but with that fine line where they could cross that line and get pretty vicious. So far, I haven’t seen a lot of that out of Cody. So far, I haven’t seen any fatigue in the audience, because they’re just getting a little bit tired of the pure babyface. But we’ll see, time will tell. One thing I do know is that Cody is a very, very smart guy and he’s surrounded by a lot of really smart people that can kind of see and sense that happening, maybe before the audience in general does. And hopefully, if that’s the case, they’ll make some very subtle shifts in the way he’s being presented, and voila! We may have a new version of Cody Rhodes or not, we’ll see that the American Nightmare thing could work in a lot of different ways.”

While Cody Rhodes needs to work upon his character as the World champion, he also needs to keep a note of whatever might happen if things don’t change. The sooner he realises his character is a bit off, the better things become for him as the champion. Ringside news will keep you updated on everything revolving around the wrestling world.

Do you agree with Eric Bischoff’s comments about Cody Rhodes’ character as the World Champion? Let us  know in the comments section below.

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