Brock Lesnar has been absent from WWE television since the SummerSlam Premium Live Event, where he faced off against Cody Rhodes. His return seems unlikely at the moment, possibly linked to his involvement in Vince McMahon’s trafficking lawsuit. In light of this situation, Gunther made it clear he hasn’t lost hope for a match against Lesnar.

The Ring General and The Beast Incarnate came face to face at the Royal Rumble last year and showed a glimpse of what they could do. The Ring General had previously stated that his encounter with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble gave him confirmation that the WWE Universe was rooting for the match to happen as well.

However, WWE has been taking steps to remove Brock Lesnar from all events, as they nixed plans for his Royal Rumble return and creative plans for the forseeable future as well.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of Mail Online, Gunther was asked about potential plans to face Brock Lesnar and whether such a match could happen in the future. Gunther made it clear he knew the rumors and that he hadn’t lost hope for a match with The Beast Incarnate in the future.


‘Of course, I heard something about it,’ he said. ‘I always saw Brock as my final boss.

‘I always get portrayed as that, as the NXT UK Champion, the Intercontinental Champion, I was like the final boss of that division. And Brock, for a long time, was the final boss of the whole company. So I always saw myself in my future to be in a similar position to him, and to be that you’ve got to get in the ring with that guy.

‘We’ll see if there’s a chance for it to happen again. I’m more than up for it. How the situation is exactly right now, I’m really not that informed about it, to be honest. I think we had that one face-off in the Royal Rumble, the reaction that was there and that was a confirmation for me.’

Brock Lesnar has also been removed from WWE’s opening video package. As for Gunther, he is currently part of the King of The Ring tournament. Regardless, only time will tell if Lesnar and Gunther will ever duke it against each other in the future.

Do you feel bad for Guther since he won’t face Brock Lesnar anymore? Will Brock Lesnar ever return to WWE? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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