Ronda Rousey exited WWE following her SummerSlam match against Shayna Baszler last year. Since then, she’s been vocal about her time in WWE and it appears this includes the fact that WWE changed their mind on making Lacey Evans the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

In her autobiography, Our Fight, Ronda Rousey recounted the events surrounding her first title defense at Money in the Bank, where Natalya challenged her for the belt. After winning the match, Rousey was informed that the winner of the earlier women’s ladder match would cash in and take the title from her. When she asked who it would be, Paul Heyman told her it would be Lacey Evans. Rousey thought it was a great opportunity for Evans and wanted to be the one to share the news with her.

In the hallway, Rousey caught up with Lacey Evans, hinting that while things might shift, the present strategy was for Evans to clinch the Money in the Bank and make a cash-in move against her later that evening. Evans was ecstatic upon hearing this update, and Rousey was pleased to offer her the opportunity for her inaugural title win.

”Money in the Bank also marked my first title defense. Natalya was challenging me for the belt, a match she would lose, but then cue the music, the winner of the women’s ladder match earlier that night would come out, cash in, and take me out. “Who’s that going to be?” I asked. “Lacey Evans,” Paul Heyman told me. “That will be so great for her,” I said. Does she know?” I asked. “Not yet,” Paul said. “She’s definitely going to get the title?” I asked. “Has anyone told her?” “Wait a week or so,” Paul said. “If nothing changes, you should definitely be the one to tell her. You’re the one giving her her first title.”


A week passed, nothing changed. I grabbed Lacey when I happened to pass her in a hall. She had been coming up through NXT during my first run. She even helped me develop my Piper’s Pit finisher. A week passed, nothing changed. I grabbed Lacey when I happened to pass her in a hall. She had been coming up through NXT during my first run. She even helped me develop my Piper’s Pit finisher. “Hey, you know anything around here could change at any minute,” I said. She nodded slowly. I continued.

“But the plan for the last week or so is that you’re going to win Money in the Bank and cash in on me that night.” She broke into a huge grin. “I wanted to be the one to tell you,” I said. “I’m so happy to be giving you your first title.”

However, a couple of days later, Rousey was at home when Paul Heyman called with unexpected news: Lacey Evans was out, and Liv Morgan would be cashing in instead. Rousey was surprised and asked why the sudden change. Heyman replied that Vince McMahon was feeling more inclined toward Liv Morgan that week, leading to the alteration in plans.

”Two days later, I was standing my kitchen washing baby bottles when my phone rang. Paul Heyman’s name appeared on the caller ID. I dried my hands on the dish towel and picked it up. “Hey, Paul, what’s up?” I asked. “So Lacey’s out, Liv’s in,” he said. I was confused. “Lacey’s hurt?” I asked. I had just talked to her. It didn’t make sense. “No, it’s just going to be Liv.” “Why the change?” I asked. “Vince is just feeling Liv this week,” Paul said matter-of-factly.

After hanging up, Rousey tossed her phone onto the counter, causing a noise that startled her baby, Pō, from her nap. She was furious—furious for Lacey, who was likely still excited about a moment that would never happen, and furious at WWE for putting her in this position.

”I hung up, throwing the phone on to the counter, immediately regretting it as the noise startled Pō from her nap. I was angry. Angry for Lacey. Angry that WWE had put me in this position. Angry because Lacey probably didn’t even fucking know and was out there walking around excited about a moment that would never come. Angry that this old man with our careers and legacies in his hands put no more thought into his decisions than how he was feeling in the moment.”

Ronda Rousey has also retired from professional wrestling for good, but has been labeled bitter woman for her anti-WWE remarks. Nevertheless, Rousey is more focused on her other career now and that’s what truly matters to her.

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