In the ever-evolving landscape of AEW, the dynamic tag team pairing of Big Bill and Ricky Starks has undergone a significant shift.

Since joining forces in 2023, the duo experienced considerable success in the tag team division, even clinching a memorable reign as AEW tag team champions. However, recent developments have signaled a divergence in their paths.

Ricky Starks’ absence from action in recent months, stemming from a stinger sustained during the tag team title tournament, has prompted a reevaluation of their partnership. In the interim, Big Bill has aligned himself with Chris Jericho, becoming an integral part of the ‘Learning Tree’ alongside the current FTW Champion.

According to reports from Fightful Select, there are no plans for a reunion between Bill and Starks upon Starks’ eventual return. While both wrestlers harbor no animosity toward each other, they collectively feel that their partnership has reached its natural conclusion. With Starks having previously found success as a singles competitor in AEW, speculation arises regarding a potential return to the solo spotlight for the Absolute One.


“Sean Ross Sapp was told that there were no real plans to continue the team, and both were ready to move on to different projects. It doesn’t appear there was any ill will between the two, but that both believed the team had run its course.”

As the situation continues to unfold, Ringside News remains committed to providing updates on this evolving story. Stay tuned for further developments on the future endeavors of Big Bill and Ricky Starks in the world of AEW.

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