Booker T’s recent involvement with NXT has garnered attention, with many admiring his role as commentator and his esteemed position within WWE. Meanwhile, his alleged run-in foe, CM Punk is currently sidelined due to an unfortunate triceps injury sustained at Royal Rumble 2024.

During a recent episode of NXT, speculation arose when Booker T hinted at a potential confrontation with CM Punk. However, subsequent reports have clarified that Booker T’s remark was more of playful tease rather than an indication of actual tension between the two.

Addressing the situation, Booker T expressed amusement at how brief comment had sparked such widespread speculation. He humorously suggested that the supposed confrontation could have been over something as trivial as a banana in catering.

However, controversial ex-WWE star Ryback decided to intervene in this trending topic. Taking to his X, the former WWE Intercontinental champion berated CM Punk and Booker T for being attention junkies and labeled them as chronic liars.


“As much as I dislike both of these guys because they are chronic liars on these things, Booker T would whoop CM Punk’s a** everyday of the week.”

It’s evident that there’s no genuine feud brewing between Booker T and CM Punk. Booker T’s remark was likely blown out of proportion, reflecting the tendency of wrestling fans to seize upon even the smallest hint of drama. So it is possible that Ryback was trying to gain attention at the expense of both WWE superstars.

Do you think Ryback is right in labeling CM Punk and Booker T as chronic liars? Sound off in the comments!

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