CM Punk made surprising appearance at the March 12th, 2024 edition of NXT, catching many off guard and several individuals within the brand were unaware of Punk’s presence backstage until images surfaced online.

Adding to the intrigue, NXT commentator Booker T addressed the situation on his podcast, confirming Punk’s attendance and hinting at potential confrontation. Booker T’s remarks suggested the possibility of a showdown between himself and Punk, teasing further discussion on the matter.

However, according to Fightful‘s Corey Brennan, the talks about a potential altercation were may or may not true as no sources with NXT aware of any such situation.

“CM Punk was backstage at this week’s NXT, and as previously reported, kept a lower profile than his previous visits to the developmental brand. Earlier this week, Booker T shared a story on his Hall Of Fame podcast, claiming that he and Punk had “almost gotten into it” backstage at the taping. In speaking to sources within NXT, Fightful’s Corey Brennan was told there was a feeling of skepticism regarding Booker’s comments, with no sources being aware of the confrontation prior to his podcast.


Another source pointed out that CM Punk has had no backstage issues ever since he came back to WWE at Survivor Series 2023. Moreover, he has also been offering his help towards the development of NXT to top officials of the brand.

“One source pointed out that Punk has not had any issues backstage since his return last year, and expressed surprise that Booker would make such a claim without offering more context. Security was also not made aware of any such confrontation, with no talk of such an incident. In addition, NXT sources told Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp that Punk has been very helpful and open to lending a hand any time he’s been backstage at NXT since his return to WWE. Punk was said to be in good spirits at the taping and largely kept to himself outside of speaking with Shawn Michaels, Matt Bloom and a few members of the NXT roster.”

Finally, a talent from NXT completely denied such an incident taking place backstage during a conversation with Fightful’s official.

“One talent Fightful spoke with flat out denied the incident taking place, pointing out Booker’s previous claims of heat between he and Corey Graves that turned out to be false. There was a sense of frustration from those Fightful spoke to that Booker would make such a claim about Punk, given Punk’s history with backstage altercations.”

We will have to wait and see the development regarding this story and if the above-mentioned report regarding Booker T and CM Punk’s reported altercation indeed has some truth to it.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk Booker T story’s new details surfacing? Sound off in the comments!

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