CM Punk’s status following the 2024 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match appears to be uncertain due to a reported injury.

Dave Meltzer of mentioned that Punk suffered a “significant” injury during the match, but the exact nature of the injury was unconfirmed by WWE officials. There has been speculation within WWE that it could be a torn triceps, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

“His exact injury was unconfirmed by those in WWE past many confirming the injury and that as of right now the plan is to have him on the show from Tampa to address the nature of the injury. Within the WWE the speculation was a torn triceps but nobody close enough to the situation would confirm anything more than a significant injury to be addressed on the show.”

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful also commented on the reported injury but could not confirm how serious in fact the injury may be.


“There was an initial fear that he sustained an injury, but we’ve not confirmed that. Fightful’s Corey Brennan was told that Punk waved off a doctor towards the end of the match.”

It should be noted that during the match Punk reportedly waved off a doctor towards the end, indicating that he might have been in discomfort or pain. As of now, it is expected that CM Punk will address the nature of his injury on the following WWE show in Tampa.

Fans and the wrestling community will have to wait for an official update from WWE to learn more about the extent of CM Punk’s injury and his potential recovery timeline.

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