Goldberg has found himself in the spotlight once again, and this time it’s not for his in-ring prowess but rather for a retirement match promise gone sour.

It all started with a seemingly simple handshake deal with WWE chairman Vince McMahon, and now, it’s turned into a heated feud that isn’t sitting well with the former WCW Champion.

Goldberg recently spilled the beans while making an appearance on the “Steve & Captain Evil” show. The former WWE Universal Champion revealed his desire to be part of none other than Sting’s retirement match. “Sting is the reason why I broke into the business,” Goldberg passionately stated. “I tried to be part of his retirement match. I never looked at wrestling with much respect, but after watching him from afar, I realized I had the ability to do it.”

Goldberg went on to praise Sting’s character both inside and outside the ring. “He was not only a performer. He had self-respect and commanded respect. He’s one of the best human beings on the planet,” Goldberg gushed. “I just tried to grab it and run with it and make him proud. I had the best time of my life in the ring with Sting.”


However, the drama didn’t stop there. Goldberg recounted a pivotal moment when he was asked to put Roman Reigns over in Saudi Arabia, despite battling COVID-19 at the time. In a surprising twist, Goldberg revealed a conversation with Vince McMahon himself, where they agreed to the match on one condition: Goldberg would receive a retirement match in return.

“I owe him everything, until we went to Saudi Arabia and he asked me to put Roman Reigns over,” Goldberg explained. “I had COVID, and I remember calling him from my house and said, ‘Listen, here’s the deal. I’ll do it if you give me a retirement match.'”

Goldberg, then 56 years old and recovering from COVID, pushed through with the Saudi Arabia match, even though it put him in a challenging situation physically. However, the heart of the issue lies in his belief that McMahon failed to honor their deal. Goldberg didn’t mince words, bluntly stating, “Vince is a piece of s**t as far as I’m concerned.”

When Ringside News inquired about Goldberg’s situation and the promised retirement match, we were met with a stunning response: “There is no discussion about Goldberg at all.”

Adding more fuel to the fire, there were rumors circulating that Goldberg might be AEW-bound before the dust settled. People within WWE were buzzing about it, but as we all know, that never materialized.

PW Insider delved deeper into the speculation, with fans wondering about Goldberg’s chances of debuting for AEW. While there appear to be no immediate plans, Tony Khan, the man behind AEW, has communicated with Goldberg in the past but never indicated that the WWE Hall of Famer would land in the promotion.

The wrestling world is buzzing with drama as Goldberg’s promised retirement match remains elusive, and his relationship with Vince McMahon takes a rocky turn. Will we see Goldberg lace up his boots one more time, or will he continue to call out McMahon as a “piece of s**t”? Only time will tell!

If you had to pick where Goldberg eventually ended up for another run, should it be WWE or AEW? Let us know in the comments.

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