Goldberg’s career is wrapping up, but he wants to go out with a bang. The former Universal Champion wants a retirement match, and he is currently lobbying to get that done, but it likely won’t take place in WWE.

Ringside News reached out to confirm this story about Goldberg. We were told that nobody in WWE is talking about Goldberg in creative sense.

We previously reported that Goldberg is not happy about the status of his retirement match. He is not very happy that WWE isn’t giving him that match that he wants so much.

Vince McMahon and I had a handshake understanding that, you know, after the Roman Reigns match I would have a proper retirement match. And, you know, that hasn’t come to fruition through them. So, therefore… You know, nobody puts a stamp on my career. Nobody tells me when I’m done, period. When somebody tells me that, you know, I kinda like to fight against it. I like to do things my own way and I go out my own way. And I certainly don’t go out, you know, under Roman Reigns, you know, three weeks after I’ve had Covid and agreed to a match.


We were also told that word is going around WWE that Goldberg might be going to AEW, and the story is also known that he might do his own self-promoted retirement tour. At this point, “no one [in WWE] talks about Goldberg” in a creative sense.

AEW might be an interesting option for Goldberg, because they could offer him a string of jobbers to plow through before that final match comes along. After all, WCW’s supply of enhancement talent really helped boost Goldberg’s initial legendary undefeated streak.

Goldberg has a few options about where he wants to have his retirement match. He could always book a few shows himself with the talent he can find. AEW might also be able to provide him with that platform, but only time will tell if Tony Khan is interested.

What’s your take on this situation with Goldberg’s retirement match? Do you think it should go down in AEW? Sound off in the comments!

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