Ace Steel was fired from AEW when he was a part of Brawl Out last year, where he allegedly bit Kenny Omega on the arm during the brawl. He was brought back and had been working remotely following Punk’s return as well. He got fired again shortly after CM Punk’s AEW firing as well. Earlier this week, the incident led to a lot of backlash concerning Punk and Jim Cornette – dubbing them right-wingers. Cornette has now responded to the backlash as well.

CM Punk and Ace Steel’s attorney is Stephen P. New, who recently expressed his approval of working with Punk and Steel. In case you were not aware, New is also Jim Cornette’s attorney.

The Second City Saint took to his Instagram story and uploaded a thumbnail from Jim Cornette’s latest story, where the latter talked about Punk and Steel using his attorney. He also stated that the fan art should be hung up in the Louvre – leading to courage from fans and many believing both he and Punk are right-wingers.

While speaking on his YouTube Channel, Jim Cornette addressed the backlash he got after CM Punk shared an image from his podcast, as he found it absurd people equated him and Punk to right-wingers.


Again, people lost their minds, apparently what little they have. They have someone, to figure out a way to dislike all of us at the same time, the idea of Jim Cornette and CM Punk sharing some idea or concept or mutual friend of f***** viewpoint, inflamed people to where they completely lost track of their f***** senses and equated that to both of us somehow becoming right-wingers. It’s insane, now that Punk has gone back to the WWE, has he abandoned his principles? What? What the f***?

Calling me a right-winger? They’ve gone too far, Brian. Especially in support of those they allegedly support. They’re buckaroos fans, AEW fans, fans of people we blister. We say bad things about their favorite wrestlers, and they’re the ones, that are either fanatical in a right-winged way. The Khans gave money to Trump, so did Jericho. And his wife went to the insurrection and bragged about it on Facebook. But Punk and I are somehow in this f***** ilk?

Ace Steel also gave his unwavering support to CM Punk after his WWE return. Regardless, CM Punk is more concerned with what he will be doing in WWE rather than outrage from a select portion of fans and that’s all that matters to him.

What do you think of what Jim Cornette said? Do you feel the backlash was all for nothing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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