Kazuchika Okada’s contract with NJPW is running up and that is churning the rumor mill in a big way. As fans await his next move in the pro wrestling world, some believe he should command insane money.

Kevin Kelly covered various topics during his appearance on episode #289 of the Super J-Cast podcast. One subject that came out was the future of Kazuchika Okada, as many are discussing that hot topics right now.

Kevin Kelly shared his perspective that Kazuchika Okada deserves to be the highest-paid wrestler in the industry. He was quite certain in his reasoning as well, as he continued to make his case.

I think there is a part of that (Shohei) Ohtani factor, the number one star in Japan, in all of sports is Ohtani and he just got a record-setting contract, doubling the previous high or at least close to doubling and I think that (Kazuchika) Okada is in that same conversation with Ohtani. Should Okada be the highest-paid star in pro wrestling? I think yes. I don’t know who the highest-paid star in wrestling is now, and I have no idea what that dollar figure is. But whoever is making the most, Okada should at least make one more dollar than him. 


The economics right now with Japan are a little bit of an issue because guys were getting paid in yen, the foreign wrestlers. So the wrestlers from the United States were getting paid in yen and then those yen converting to dollars and because the yen’s value to the dollar is less, they were getting a decrease in pay, less than their guarantee. So they had to adjust it and that’s just one of the realities that’s out there now. 

Regarding a recent report that Kazuchika Okada inked a deal with Barry Bloom to be his agent, it seems that may have been premature. Fightful Select noted that, “Regarding Kazuchika Okada and Barry Bloom, we’re told that nothing is official in that regard as of yet, but Bloom has been after high profile targets.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling raked in a fortune thanks to Kazuchika Okada’s name. Only time will tell what kind of contract he secures next, but it will likely be a huge money situation.

What’s your take on Kazuchika Okada leaving NJPW? Where should he go, and should he be the highest paid pro wrestler out there? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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