AEW brought a big show for Dynamite this week, and Ringside News had complete coverage with play-by-play results. Adam Copeland and Christian Cage were on hand, and their segment brought up a lot of history. It was also concluded with one of the heaviest 7 dirty words you can’t say on television.

Adam Copeland and Christian Cage had a segment on AEW Dynamite this week to continue their feud. At one point, Christian looked like he was going to whack the former Edge with the TNT Title, but then the Rated R Superstar kicked him in the groin and said, “Nice try, dumbass.” That wasn’t a big issue, but when Copeland followed that with “f*ck off,” it was cause for concern.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Edge saying f*ck on television was not edited at all. That went out live on all the broadcast platforms that AEW is on, even in Canada. This could be a bad time for whoever was on the censor button this week.

“Then he told him to ‘go f*ck yourself’ but you know … that freaking guy on the button … ooooh bad day for him. Not only in the States this went through, but it went through every place in the world that went live, and a lot of these places, like Canada, it’s not a good thing.”


AEW also did not edit Adam Copeland’s vulgar remark when they aired the clip on YouTube, a platform notorious for demonetizing, or lessening a video’s advertiser possibilities, due to profanities. You can check out the clip below to see how it all went down.

AEW has been known for presenting a TV-14 product. That doesn’t mean they can say f*ck on television. They used to say sh*t all the time, but even Warner Bros Discovery had to say something to Tony Khan about the potty mouths on his roster.

It’s unclear if this instance of vulgarity on AEW Dynamite was planned, because it certainly got people talking the next day. That being said, it didn’t raise the kind of awareness for the brand that Tony Khan may have wanted on a Thursday morning.

We will have to see if AEW tones it down, or if high profile talent can keep doing whatever they want to at this point. For more on this story, and so much more, please keep it tuned with us here at Ringside News.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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