CM Punk’s return to WWE generated significant buzz in the wrestling community. He made it very clear after his return promo on RAW that he’s not back in WWE to make friends, because he’s there to make money. That may have rubbed some people the wrong way, on top of the fact that Punk is back in the first place.

Drew McIntyre keeps adding fuel to the rumors that he’s not happy about the Second City Savior’s latest run in WWE. In fact, it is reported that multiple Superstars were upset. Mark Henry heard those reports, and he couldn’t keep it to himself.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry addressed the topic of CM Punk’s return to the company. Mark Henry spent some time with CM Punk in WWE and AEW, where Henry is still employed to this day.

Mark Henry touched upon the potential for resentment among certain wrestlers, both within WWE and those who may not currently be part of the roster but have unresolved issues with Punk.


“There are some people at the top that’s not gonna be happy because they’re gonna get less minutes. They’re gonna have to acquiesce to the new addition to the company. There’s a lot of people that will take their ball and go home. Hell, Steve Austin took his ball and went home before. Everybody always comes back. They always realize ‘The business is bigger than me, I don’t want to be on the wrong side.’ The ones that do, we don’t give a shit about them anyway.”

Mark Henry continued with this subject as he said, “The ones that are like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna retire if this person comes back.’ The ones [who say], ‘If he’s here, I don’t wanna be here.’ Take your ass home then, because the business is gonna roll and roll and roll with or without you.”

Mark Henry did not name-drop Ryback, but it seems that he was speaking about the Big Guy there. After all, Ryback threatened to quit the business if Punk returned at Survivor Series, and he did just that. Then, Ryback backed off his promise.

We will have to see what this situation has in store for everyone involved. CM Punk’s return to WWE was certainly an exciting moment, and very unexpected. He also returned to a locker room that might need some bridge repairing if he wants to make his run drama-free.

What’s your take on Superstars getting upset at CM Punk’s return to the company? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

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