Survivor Series delivered jaw-dropping moment as CM Punk made his legendary return to the WWE, but not everyone in the wrestling world was thrilled about it.

While many fans celebrated Punk’s comeback, reports suggest that some WWE talent were less than pleased with his return. Behind Fightful’s paywall, Sean Ross Sapp revealed that multiple WWE wrestlers expressed their displeasure over Punk’s return.

In fact, at least one top talent was genuinely upset by Punk’s comeback, and there’s a sense among some that Triple H, who orchestrated the surprise, may have eroded trust with colleagues he had built relationships with over the years.

According to the report, talent was informed about Punk’s return before the WarGames match, with reactions ranging from excitement to disappointment.


Main event talent being upset, there are numerous talent on the roster in general upset, just as there are some excited, curious and about every emotion. Talent were pulled aside before the WarGames match and told that CM Punk would be returning at the conclusion of the show.

At least one talent claimed legitimately to be upset by the return of Punk.

There was one top talent that told Fightful that they understood the surprise aspect of the situation, but felt like Triple H could lose some trust among many people that he worked to build it with.”

CM Punk’s unexpected return marked a new chapter in his WWE journey, as he had signed contract with the company just before the Survivor Series Premium Live Event. WWE Creative was kept in the dark about the return, adding to the element of surprise.

As the wrestling world grapples with the controversial return of CM Punk, only time will reveal how his WWE run will compare to his stint in AEW.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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