WWE brought loaded show to the Allstate Arena for Survivor Series. At the end of the say, everyone if talking about CM Punk’s return to the company. One match was actually changed prior to the Survivor Series event, and we have a bit more insight on that LWO-centered match.

Rey Mysterio started an injury hiatus from WWE SmackDown a few weeks ago due to the necessity of knee surgery. This was initiated by Santos Escobar turning on Mysterio and causing that injury in the storyline. Santos then stated in a promo that he hopes Mysterio loses his leg due to infection after the surgery.

As we previously noted, discussions have revolved around the possibility of involving Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo in the storyline to align with Escobar, although it remains uncertain if this will materialize. Adding Los Lotharios to the mix could certainly give Santos Escobar some backup.

At the WWE Survivor Series premium live event, the match between Dragon Lee and Escobar went down, with Escobar winning the contest. Originally, Carlito was slated to face Escobar, but he was written out of the match via a backstage attack angle.


Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dragon Lee was always been intended to be part of the match, despite the initial announcement of Carlito vs. Escobar. Carlito getting written out of the match was all a part of the plan, and it wasn’t a last-minute change.

You never know what can happen in WWE, especially if plans come together at the last minute. CM Punk’s return is a great example of that, because he didn’t ink new deal until just before his return. It appears that Carlito getting pulled from Survivor Series does not have any greater story behind it, because it was all part of the plan.

For more on this story, and so many more in the pro wrestling world, please keep it turned with us here at Ringside News. We will have to see what happens next, but the LWO’s storyline will continue in their intended creative direction, just like everything else in the company.

What’s your take on Carlito getting pulled from that Survivor Series match for Dragon Lee? Was Dragon Lee vs Santos Escobar the better match? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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