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WWE 2023 Survivor Series Wargames (11/25/23) Matches:

  • GUNTHER vs The Miz – Intercontinental Title
  • Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Stark – WWE Women’s World Title
  • Judgement Day and Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton – WarGames Match
  • Damage CTRL vs Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Shotzi & Becky Lynch
  • Dragon Lee vs Santos Escobar

WWE Survivor Series Wargames (11/25/23) Pre-Show Kickoff:

Jackie Redmond and Kayla Braxton serve as your hosts for the show, and they are accompanied by a panel consisting of Peter Rosenberg, Booker T, and Wade Barrett.

We kick things off with a video package highlighting the Women’s War Games match.


In the background, you can hear fans enthusiastically chanting for CM Punk, while Kayla Braxton proceeds to read out the rules for the War Games match.

Wade Barrett opts for Damage CTRL as his choice, and Booker T concurs with his selection. Peter Rosenberg, on the other hand, goes with Flair’s team, which receives agreement from Jackie. However, Kayla reminds everyone of her journalistic duty to maintain impartiality.

Next, we turn our attention to Dragon Lee and Santos Escobar, as a video package provides a closer look at their storyline.

Byron Saxton conducts an interview with Santos Escobar, inquiring about his upcoming match against Dragon Lee, especially now that Carlito is unavailable.

Santos challenges the term ‘attacked’ and insists that he was merely delivering justice for all the time he spent living in Rey Mysterio’s shadow. He expresses frustration with those who claim to be mentors but act as gatekeepers, overshadowing other talents. Santos believes that Dragon Lee, while spirited and talented, lacks the will to do what it takes to succeed. He vows to go the distance and do whatever is necessary, asserting that Dragon Lee will regret turning his back on him, becoming a cautionary tale.

Wade Barrett chooses to support Santos Escobar in this matchup, despite acknowledging Dragon Lee’s potential as the future. Booker T also aligns with Wade’s choice. Peter Rosenberg also picks Santos. Jackie Redmond, however, abstains from making a selection, possibly due to Kayla’s influence and her commitment to impartiality.

The show shifts its focus to Zoey Stark and Rhea Ripley, providing viewers with a video package that delves into their story. To dissect this match, the panel welcomes Greg Miller as a guest commentator.

Wade Barrett chooses Rhea Ripley as his pick, emphasizing her experience as the deciding factor. Booker T, on the other hand, believes that Zoey Stark, having nothing to lose, will come out victorious. Peter Rosenberg also opts for Rhea Ripley as his choice.

The attention then turns to Gunther and The Miz, with a video package shedding light on their ongoing storyline. Wade Barrett selects Gunther as his choice. Booker T, on the other hand, goes with The Miz as his pick. Peter Rosenberg aligns with Wade and selects Gunther as well.

Now, it’s time for the Ruffles segment of the show and the crucial reveal of which team has earned the advantage in the Women’s War Games Match. The victory goes to Becky and her team, securing the advantage for them in the upcoming match.

As the show turns its attention to the Men’s War Games match, a video package provides a comprehensive look at the buildup to this intense showdown.

Wade Barrett selects Judgment Drew as his pick for the match, a choice which Booker T concurs with. On the other hand, Peter Rosenberg opts for Cody and his team as his selection for the Men’s War Games match.

WWE Survivor Series Results (11/25/23):

The commentary team for the event features Michael Cole and Corey Graves as your announcers.

Women’s War Games Match: Damage CTRL vs. Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Shotzi, and Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch will be the starting competitor for her team, while Bayley will kick things off for her team as well. The stage is set for an epic battle between these two teams.

The action in the Women’s War Games match is heating up as Becky Lynch and Bayley engage in a brutal exchange. Becky takes control early by sending Bayley into the turnbuckles and then crashing her into the steel cage. However, Bayley fights back with a series of punches.

Becky responds with a flying forearm and attempts to put Bayley on the turnbuckles for a superplex, but Bayley manages to block it. Becky then knocks Bayley off the turnbuckles and rolls through. Bayley counters with a well-placed kick, and the two exchange forearms.

Becky regains the upper hand with a back heel kick and a clothesline. She follows it up with a forearm in the corner and an exploder suplex. However, Bayley turns the tide by sending Becky into the cage. The action spills between the two rings, where Bayley attempts a suplex onto the metal plate. Becky manages to block it, but Bayley eventually hits a suplex on the unforgiving metal surface, inflicting significant damage.

The Women’s War Games match continues to intensify as Bayley launches a series of punches at Becky Lynch and follows it up with an elbow to the back of her head. However, Becky retaliates by sending Bayley crashing into the steel cage and then delivering two baseball slides to Bayley against the cage. She then applies the DisArmHer submission hold on Bayley, looking to make her tap out.

Dakota Kai interferes by hitting Becky with a kendo stick, forcing her to release the hold. Dakota places the kendo stick inside the cage, and Bayley retrieves it, using it to strike Becky.

The next entrant, Shotzi Blackheart, enters the match. Bayley attempts to close the cage door, but Shotzi slams it into Bayley’s head. Shotzi fetches chairs and a trash can from under the ring, placing the trash can inside the cage and arranging the chairs. She uses a chair on Bayley and hits a cross body off the turnbuckles. Shotzi further punishes Bayley by slamming her head into the mat and performing a back senton onto her in the ropes.

However, Shotzi misses a suicide dive and lands on her head. Becky and Shotzi engage in a tug of war over the kendo stick, with Becky eventually using it to strike Bayley. Shotzi grabs a chair, and together with Becky, they corner Bayley between the rings. Bayley climbs the cage, but Shotzi and Becky stop her. Becky and Shotzi then send Bayley into the cage.

The next entrant, Iyo Sky, joins the match. Becky and Shotzi target Bayley with kicks, but Iyo grabs a chain and uses it to hit Becky and Shotzi. She biels Shotzi with the chain and sends Becky between the rings. Iyo executes a double jump springboard dropkick on Shotzi and Becky, followed by a running double knee strike to both competitors. Iyo retrieves the trash can and hands it to Bayley. She walks the ropes and hits a forearm to Bayley while Becky is backed into the turnbuckles.

Becky fights back by kicking Iyo and Bayley from the turnbuckles. Bayley and Iyo attempt a double superplex on Becky, but she resists. However, they manage to execute the double superplex on her eventually. Bayley gets a chair, and Iyo pulls Shotzi into the first ring. Bayley kicks Shotzi while Iyo focuses on Becky. They set up for a double superplex on Shotzi.

The next entrant, Bianca Belair, arrives and puts a stop to the double superplex attempt. She uses her hair to whip Iyo and Bayley and continues to whip them, gaining control of the situation.

Asuka enters the match with kendo sticks and, after some crowd-pleasing antics, retrieves a table and a fire extinguisher.

Damage CTRL takes control in the far ring, wielding kendo sticks and attacking Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, and Shotzi Blackheart. Becky manages to punch Asuka, but Bayley strikes her with a kendo stick. Charlotte, Bianca, Becky, and Shotzi find themselves tied up with chairs, leading to a quadruple dropkick. Kairi Sane places a trash can over Becky and hits it, causing damage. Asuka uses a mist spray on Shotzi, followed by a missile dropkick for a near fall. Kairi kicks Bianca in the ribs, and together with Asuka, they set up a table with Bayley’s assistance. Iyo Sky hits Becky with a kendo stick.

Asuka and Iyo grab Charlotte Flair, positioning her for a double superplex, but Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch intervene with double powerbombs. Charlotte climbs to the top of the cage and executes a moonsault, hitting Iyo Sky and causing everyone to go down. Charlotte gets a near fall on Bayley.

Bayley strikes Charlotte with a forearm, and Charlotte responds with a boot to Bayley. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Lynch work together, delivering kicks and executing a double suplex on Iyo Sky. They follow it up with a double powerbomb on Kairi Sane. Charlotte and Becky share a moment of camaraderie, culminating in a hug.

Asuka and Iyo attempt roll-ups, but they both manage to escape. Becky Lynch takes Asuka down with a butterfly takedown while Charlotte applies the Figure Four and bridges. Becky simultaneously applies the DisArmHer to Asuka, but Bayley intervenes, breaking up the Figure Four. Kairi Sane goes for an elbow drop, but Becky gets her knees up and transitions into the DisArmHer once again. Bayley delivers a knee, and Shotzi Blackheart hits a missile dropkick on Asuka while on Bianca’s shoulders, nearly getting the win. The match remains incredibly intense and unpredictable.

Becky Lynch and Kairi Sane engage in a fierce punch exchange, with Becky ultimately countering Kairi’s back fist attempt with a reverse DDT. Bayley intervenes with a Rose Plant on Becky, but Shotzi Blackheart prevents her from doing more damage. Meanwhile, Bianca Belair uses the fire extinguisher to blind Asuka. Iyo Sky strikes Bianca with a chair, but Shotzi hits Iyo with a Tiger Suplex. Iyo retaliates by hitting Shotzi with a trash can.

Charlotte Flair enters the fray with a boot to Iyo Sky. Bayley, trying to protect Kairi Sane, ends up taking a spear from Charlotte. Shotzi delivers a kick to Bayley, followed by Bianca hitting the KOD on Bayley. They then place Bayley on the turnbuckles for Becky Lynch to execute a Manhandle Slam through the table, securing the three-count and the victory for their team.

Winners: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and Shotzi Blackheart

Chelsea Green, Piper Niven, and Alpha Academy are seen backstage. Chelsea mentions that Chicago would have embraced her, and Piper adds that they would have appreciated their presence.

In the Ruffles Lounge, Pretty Deadly enters and engages in a friendly discussion about potato chips, or as Otis calls them, “crisps.” They playfully argue about the correct terminology for these snacks.

R-Truth suddenly appears, grabs the bowl of chips, and humorously asserts that they are not chips or crisps but Ruffles. He encourages everyone to come together while watching Akira Tozawa perform the Ruffles Shuffle.

Meanwhile, in the backstage area, Sami Zayn and Jey Uso have a conversation about their readiness for an upcoming match. Sami expresses concern that Randy Orton is not present, and Jey suggests that Randy may not want to team up with them after they previously put him on the shelf. Jey feels responsible if Randy doesn’t show up, but Sami emphasizes their history and the strength they gained from their past battles, including War Games. Sami is hopeful that their partnership will prove successful once again tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER vs The Miz

The action kicks off with Miz targeting Gunther’s leg. Miz delivers a couple of kicks to the leg and follows up with a wrist lock. Gunther responds with a kick of his own. They lock up, and Gunther backs Miz into the corner.

Gunther attempts a chop, but Miz counters with chops of his own. They engage in a test of strength, and Miz’s kick is blocked by Gunther, who then chops Miz, sending him to the mat. Miz retaliates with a kick to Gunther’s head and continues with punches. Miz goes to the turnbuckles and lands punches on Gunther. He follows it up with a boot to Gunther’s midsection and more punches.

Miz delivers another punch and then rolls to the floor. From the outside, Miz grabs Gunther’s leg and slams it into the apron multiple times. Miz continues to target Gunther’s leg by wringing it into the ring post, setting up for a potential Figure-Four Leglock around the ring post. The match is filled with intense moments and strategy as both competitors look to gain the upper hand.

The match between Miz and Gunther continues with Miz attempting to lock in the Figure-Four Leglock around the ring post. However, Gunther manages to counter Miz’s springboard move with a boot to the head. Gunther follows up with a series of chops and a boot to Miz’s head.

Miz fights back with a kick and more chops of his own. Gunther blocks a kick, chops Miz, and executes a powerful slam. Gunther kicks Miz and engages in some trash talk with him. Miz struggles to regain his footing, but Gunther sets up for a powerbomb. However, he takes too long, allowing Miz to counter with a punch and a hurricanrana.

Miz then targets Gunther’s leg, delivering a series of kicks to it. Miz puts Gunther’s leg in the ropes and drops a knee onto it, causing Gunther to start limping. Miz continues his assault with more kicks to the leg, targeting both the back and the knee. Miz sets up for a round kick, connects with it, and follows up with another kick and more strikes to the midsection.

Gunther retreats to the turnbuckles, but Miz charges in with a running knee to the corner. Gunther responds with a chop. Miz counters with a tornado DDT, attempting to secure a pinfall, but Gunther manages to kick out, showing his resilience in the match.

Miz attempts a Skull Crushing Finale, but Gunther manages to escape and responds with a well-executed dropkick. Gunther then follows up with a powerbomb, but it’s only enough for a near fall.

Gunther doesn’t hold back, slapping Miz and kicking him in the back of the head. He applies a sleeper hold on Miz, trying to wear him down. However, Miz reaches for the ropes, indicating his determination to stay in the match.

Miz, looking for an opportunity, climbs the turnbuckles and pulls off the turnbuckle pad. While still caught in Gunther’s sleeper hold, Miz kicks Gunther in the knee and delivers a low blow when the referee is preoccupied with fixing the turnbuckle pad. Miz then hits Gunther with a Skull Crushing Finale but can only secure a near fall.

Gunther manages to avoid another Skull Crushing Finale attempt, and Miz ends up running Gunther into the exposed turnbuckle. Miz leans back for another pin attempt, but Gunther kicks out once again.

Gunther fights back with a chop, and Miz responds with a kick. Gunther, showing his resilience, delivers a clothesline to Miz and heads up to the top turnbuckle, preparing for a frog splash. The match remains highly competitive and unpredictable as both competitors give their all.

In the match’s final moments, Gunther demonstrated his resilience and technical prowess. He managed to escape a Skull Crushing Finale attempt by Miz and responded with a dropkick, followed by a powerful powerbomb that earned him a near fall.

Gunther slapped Miz and delivered a kick to the back of his head before applying a sleeper hold. Miz desperately reached for the ropes, but Gunther maintained the hold. Miz resorted to a crafty tactic by climbing the turnbuckles and removing the turnbuckle pad. While the referee fixed the exposed turnbuckle, Miz delivered a low blow to Gunther, allowing him to hit a Skull Crushing Finale. However, Gunther kicked out, displaying his incredible resilience.

Miz attempted another Skull Crushing Finale, but Gunther managed to evade it. Miz ended up running Gunther into the exposed turnbuckle. Miz leaned back for a pin attempt, but Gunther kicked out once again.

Gunther retaliated with a chop, and Miz responded with a kick. Gunther answered with a clothesline and then climbed to the top turnbuckle for a frog splash, landing on Miz’s back. Gunther then set up for a Boston Crab, locking it in and pulling Miz into the center of the ring. He transitioned the hold into a Liontamer, forcing Miz to tap out.

Winner: Gunther retained his championship.

The commentators discussed the implications of the 5-on-4 match at Judgment Day, and Damian Priest mentioned that he would discuss the situation with Drew McIntyre. The match showcased the physical and mental toughness of both competitors.

Santos Escobar vs. Dragon Lee

The match between Dragon Lee and Santos Escobar kicks off with Santos taking the early advantage. As the bell rings, Santos delivers a flurry of forearms and kicks to his opponent. He follows up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, resulting in a near fall.

Santos continues his assault with kicks to the back and places Dragon Lee in the tree of woe position. He proceeds to kick Lee while the referee issues a warning. Santos then executes a hesitation dropkick in the corner, earning another near fall. He lands a punch and sets up for a running double knee strike, successfully connecting with Lee.

Dragon Lee is sent to the outside and subsequently introduced to the ring steps by Santos. Santos places Lee’s leg inside the steps and threatens to break it, but Lee manages to elbow his way out of the predicament. Lee retaliates with a thrust kick and gets back into the ring.

Dragon Lee builds momentum, hitting a running knee to the head for a near fall. He lifts Santos onto his shoulders and slams him to the mat. Lee climbs the turnbuckles, but Santos attempts to stop him. Lee fights back with punches, sending Santos to the mat. Lee kicks Santos against the turnbuckles and returns to the top rope. He punches Santos when Santos tries to halt him, and then he kicks Santos off the turnbuckles.

Santos ends up on the apron, and Lee follows with elbow strikes to the head. Santos pulls Lee up to the turnbuckles, looking to execute a superplex. However, Lee fights back with punches, sending Santos into the tree of woe position. Lee then performs a double stomp on Santos, earning a near fall in the process.

Dragon Lee charges forward but walks right into a superkick from Santos Escobar, causing both competitors to collapse to the mat, with each man feeling the effects of the grueling match.

As they slowly get back to their feet, Lee and Santos engage in a forearm exchange, showcasing their determination and willpower. Santos gains the upper hand with a series of forearms, but Dragon Lee retaliates with a jumping knee strike to create some separation.

Lee capitalizes on the opportunity and executes a sit-out powerbomb on Santos, going for the pin attempt. However, Santos manages to kick out, displaying his resilience and refusal to give in. Dragon Lee charges forward but falls victim to a sudden superkick from Santos Escobar, resulting in both men being laid out on the canvas, drained from the intense match.

With determination in their eyes, Lee and Santos engage in a forearm exchange, each trying to gain the upper hand. Santos initially gains the advantage, but Lee surprises him with a jumping knee strike. Santos retaliates with a knee strike of his own, keeping the battle evenly matched.

Dragon Lee attempts to execute his finishing move, Destino, but Santos counters with a Destroyer followed by a devastating Phantom Driver. The impact is enough to secure the three-count, granting Santos Escobar the victory in this thrilling contest.

Winner: Santos Escobar

As the match concludes, the anticipation builds for what’s to come, including the arrival of the New Day in the Slim Jim car.

Raw Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley vs. Zoey Stark

The match between Rhea Ripley and Zoey Stark gets off to an intense start as they exchange words before trading slaps. Zoey Stark takes the initiative with a double-leg takedown followed by punches. Rhea Ripley responds with punches of her own, and the two continue their heated exchange. Stark gains the upper hand momentarily, delivering a dropkick that sends Ripley to the floor.

Zoey Stark seizes the opportunity and climbs to the top rope, hitting a crossbody onto Rhea Ripley on the outside. She then sends Ripley back into the ring and executes a springboard dropkick, earning a near fall. Stark is sent to the apron, but she manages to land punches. She attempts a springboard move, but Ripley counters with a headbutt, stopping Stark in her tracks on the apron.

Rhea Ripley goes to the apron, looking to suplex Stark on the apron, but Zoey Stark blocks it and counters with a forearm and a kick, followed by a DDT on the apron. Stark then hits a springboard twisting senton for another near fall. Rhea Ripley retreats to the floor, where Zoey Stark lands a kick from the apron.

However, Zoey Stark misses a boot off the apron and a kick. Rhea Ripley takes advantage by getting Stark on her shoulders and dropping her face-first onto the apron. Ripley sends Stark back into the ring and unleashes a flurry of punches and forearms. She follows up with headbutts and sets up for a wrist clutch powerbomb, but Zoey Stark blocks it. Ripley adapts, turning it into a suplex for a near fall.

Rhea Ripley continues her offense with knees to the back and stretches Zoey Stark. Stark responds with curb stomps and boots to the back, but Ripley counters with a dropkick. Zoey Stark retaliates with a forearm and a jawbreaker, followed by a kick to the head. Rhea Ripley answers with a clothesline into the corner and places Stark on the turnbuckles. Ripley delivers chops and forearms while climbing the turnbuckles.

Zoey Stark fights back with punches, and Ripley slaps her. Both women land on their feet after a struggle, and Zoey Stark hits a kick for a near fall. Stark attempts a kick that Rhea Ripley counters. Ripley goes for a gourdbuster, but Stark counters with a victory roll for another near fall.

Rhea Ripley performs a back elbow and jawbreaker, followed by a kick to the head. She then executes a belly-to-back set-up into a gourdbuster and follows it with a belly-to-back suplex for yet another near fall. Ripley pie-faces Zoey Stark, who challenges Ripley to hit her.

Ripley sets up for RipTide, and despite Zoey Stark’s efforts to escape, Ripley executes the move successfully. She pins Stark for the three-count, retaining her championship in a hard-fought battle.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

As Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and Jey Uso express their concerns about Randy Orton’s absence, Cody Rhodes enters the scene with reassurance, stating that Randy will indeed make his presence known later on. Despite the uncertainty, Cody appears confident that Randy Orton will eventually join them for their upcoming match.

Men’s War Games Match: The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre vs. Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins

The Men’s War Games match begins with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins as the starting competitors. As soon as the match kicks off, Seth Rollins wastes no time, immediately launching himself with a suicide dive onto Finn Balor, followed by a series of punches to gain the early advantage. Seth attempts to send Finn into the cage, but Finn reverses it and sends Seth into the steel structure.

Finn Balor maintains control, delivering a chop to Seth and once again using the cage as a weapon. Finn sends Seth into the cage for a third time. He follows up with a sling blade to further damage Seth Rollins. However, Seth manages to recover quickly and hits a superkick on Finn.

Seth Rollins attempts a Pedigree on the metal plate located between the rings, but Finn Balor counters with a back body drop. Finn then misses a Coup de Grace attempt, allowing Seth to regain control. Seth performs a sling blade on Finn, followed by a series of punches and forearms. He then executes an Irish whip and charges into the corner with a forearm strike. Seth proceeds with a backbreaker and a running boot to Finn’s head, continuing to punish his opponent as the match progresses.

JD McDonagh is the next entrant, but as he tries to enter the cage, Seth Rollins kicks him. Finn Balor takes advantage of the situation and starts delivering shoulders in the corner to Seth. However, Seth manages to regain control briefly before JD McDonagh introduces kendo sticks into the match.

JD and Finn use the kendo sticks to attack Seth, choking him and delivering shots. Finn uses the kendo stick to choke Seth Rollins. The two of them then perform a double suplex on Seth Rollins.

Jey Uso enters as the following entrant and brings a chair into the cage, using it to hit JD in the ribs and back. He also uses the chair to strike Finn Balor. Jey and Seth work together to assault JD McDonagh. However, Seth and Jey’s partnership is short-lived as JD fights back and executes a Spanish Fly. Seth Rollins comes to Jey Uso’s aid on a double suplex attempt, and they both deliver double superkicks to Finn and JD. Jey Uso shoulders Finn in the corner while Seth punches him. Seth performs a double sledge off the ropes to Finn, and Jey continues to choke JD.

Damian Priest is supposed to be the next entrant, but Drew wants to change the plans. Despite Drew’s intentions, Damian Priest enters the match. Seth and Jey try to attack him, but Priest fights back and delivers a Broken Arrow to Jey, followed by a leaping flatliner to Seth. Priest goes up top and performs a cannonball off the top rope onto Seth and Jey. Priest punches Seth and kicks him as well. Finn and JD continue to work on Jey in the corner, and Finn hits Jey with a chair multiple times before placing it on him.

Sami Zayn is the next entrant and he grabs the kendo stick from JD, using it to hit him. Sami then slams the cage door into Finn’s head. Back in the ring, Seth, Jey, and Priest pull a table into the ring. Priest delivers a forearm to Jey, and Sami clotheslines Priest over the top rope between the rings. Sami kicks Priest between the rings and proceeds to execute a Blue Thunder Bomb on Finn.

Sami goes up top and then he goes to the top of the cage, but JD climbs up after him. JD and Sami engage in a fight on the top rope, and JD falls awkwardly onto the top rope. Sami grabs a pipe from the top of the cage and uses it to attack JD, Finn, and Priest. Sami kicks Finn and punches him, followed by choking him in the corner. He also punches JD and Jey kicks and punches Priest. Seth and Sami take turns pinballing JD back and forth between them, delivering shots to him. Seth chops Finn, and then Sami strikes Finn in the back with the kendo stick. The kendo stick is sent out of the cage.

Drew McIntyre is the next entrant, and he immediately makes an impact with a spinebuster to Seth. Drew then runs Sami into the corner and executes an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on him. He follows up with an elbow to Seth and an Alabama gourdbuster of Seth onto Sami. Drew heads to the other ring, where Jey Uso is alone. Drew and Jey exchange punches, with Drew gaining the upper hand. He sets up for the Future Shock DDT, but Jey manages to escape. Jey retaliates with an uppercut, but Drew responds with a neck breaker. Drew sends Jey into the cage, attempting to make him acknowledge his actions, before lawn darting him into the cage. Finn punches Sami, and Priest tries to punch Sami as well, but Sami blocks it and counters with punches. JD delivers a kick and more punches, and Jey hits Drew with a superkick when he goes for a Claymore. Jey and Sami team up for a 1D on Drew, while Priest kicks Jey and Finn strikes Sami from behind.

Cody Rhodes enters as the next entrant and avoids the baton, hitting a drop-down uppercut. Priest is sent into the cage multiple times. Cody punches JD and performs a clothesline. JD is then subjected to an Irish whip, but Cody floats over and delivers a back body drop. Cody follows up with a gourdbuster of JD onto Finn. Cody retrieves a bullrope and Seth attempts to grab it, but Cody makes it clear it’s not for Seth. They proceed to clothesline JD, and Seth uses the cowbell to strike Finn. They pull the rope into Finn’s groin area, and Seth questions if ‘he’ is coming. Cody kicks Priest, while Sami kicks and chokes JD. Finn delivers shoulders to Sami.

Dominik Mysterio is the next entrant and he goes after Cody, hitting him in the back. Dom executes a double-leg takedown and punches Seth. He kicks Sami and Jey, following it up with a suplex on Cody and holding on for a second one. Dom sets up for the third amigo, but Seth, Sami, and Jey work together to prevent Dom from completing it. The opponents of Dom’s team all punch and kick him. Cody punches Dom and sends him between the rings. Seth sends Finn into the turnbuckles. Cody punches Dom, and Seth and Sami begin to set up a table against the turnbuckles. Seth sets up for a buckle bomb, but Dom’s teammates come to his rescue. Dom punches Jey, and Drew joins in. Sami is sent into the turnbuckles by Priest, and Priest and Drew have a tense staredown in the ring.

The WarGames match concluded with Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn defeating Drew McIntyre, Damian Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh. After a thrilling match, Cody Rhodes pinned Dominik Mysterio to secure the victory for his team.

Following the match, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn hugged Randy Orton, and the victorious babyfaces celebrated their win by raising their arms together.

As the show seemed to be coming to a close, the crowd was treated to a surprise appearance by CM Punk. Punk made his way to the stage, and the fans erupted in a massive “CM Punk” chant. Punk knelt down, patted his hand on the ground, checked his watch, and said, “It’s…” letting the fans complete the iconic phrase, “Clobberin’ time.”

Punk acknowledged the crowd, celebrated with fans along the barricade, and asked, “Whose town is this?” The fans chanted “Chicago” repeatedly. Punk continued to interact with the audience, and the crowd’s excitement reached a fever pitch.

The show concluded with Punk’s memorable appearance, leaving fans buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what could come next.

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