CM Punk returned at WWE Survivor Series, and not all of the responses have been positive so far. Drew McIntyre is believed to be upset over Punk’s comeback. Also, Kayla Braxton had some catty remarks to drop on social media. Matt Riddle also took a bit of a shot at CM Punk after his Allstate Arena return, as he brought attention to his own WWE controversies.

WWE fired Matt Riddle less than 90 days ago, as we are still within his non-compete clause. As Ringside News exclusively reported, there were over two dozen backstage incidents connected with his release, and only a few of them really made the headlines.

CM Punk ended his MMA career with a 0-1 record. He actually lost two fights in the UFC, but that Mike Jackson bout was taken away after Punk’s opponent tested positive for marijuana. That was the basis of Matt Riddle’s shady remarks after Punk’s WWE return.

Matt Riddle saw that CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series. He logged onto X, and he dropped his take on the matter. As The Original Bro sees things, WWE won’t have much more luck with the Second City Savior.


Hey @WWE you thought I was hard to deal with have fun with 0-2 @CMPunk

Prior to his WWE release, Matt Riddle was involved in a chaotic situation at NYC’s JFK Airport while he was on his way home from WWE’s Superstar Spectacle event in India. As Ringside News exclusively reported, multiple attempts were made to de-escalate the situation with Matt Riddle before things got physical. It was also told to us that Matt Riddle appeared to be intoxicated at the time.

Matt Riddle’s ex, Daniella Petrow, suggested that his current fiancé, Misha Montana, was the start of his real problems. The drama between them is very loud and in the public eye. After his release, Riddle’s ex-girlfriend dropped post that said she had “tears of joy” after Riddle’s release. Of course, this prompted Misha Montana to tear into Riddle’s ex. We also can’t forget the controversy surrounding his leaked sex tape. That also wasn’t a good look for the Original Bro.

We will have to see what is next for CM Punk, but Matt Riddle certainly weighed in on things in his own way. Only time will tell how Riddle’s time outside WWE does, but he did do better in MMA with an 8-3-0 record.

Will CM Punk’s second run in WWE end better than his first one? Did WWE make the right move by bringing him back? Should they re-hire Matt Riddle? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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