Matt Riddle is still a big name in WWE, and he continues to garner support from his die-hard fans. That being said, his name has also been attached to controversy for years, even during his time in UFC where he was fired over marijuana. Now, it seems his private life is causing even more issues.

A private video of Matt Riddle and his wife, Misha Montana, has leaked online. We will not be posting this video, but it is incredibly graphic, and Riddle’s tattoos are visible, proving that it is him in the footage.

This new video falls in line with much happier news for Matt Riddle and Misha Montana. The couple is expecting their first child later this year, and we cannot imagine how bad of a damper this puts on things.

This video was first posted by a Twitter account that specializes in NSFW pro wrestling content. They later deleted that video, and it is believed that they were asked to take it down. The digital impression was made, several downloaded it, retweeted it, and the video got out there. We will not be posting that footage here at Ringside News, but it is real.


Daniella Petrow, Matt Riddle’s ex, who has been very open about his recent controversies with his personal life, tweeted out to say that she’s not surprised that this leak happened. She went on to explain in a now-deleted tweet that Misha Tate needs to get a “tighter leash” on Riddle as well.

Not surprised Matt Riddle has a leaked sex tape smfh. Misha Montana get your dog on a tighter leach boo.

Daniella Petrow also tagged Triple H, WWE and Ringside News in her post. She went on to delete that tweet and then respond by saying: “So I deleted my tweet cuz I found out who the woman was in it and she asked me too … but what she didn’t ask for was @SuperKingofBros to show or share that vid w anyone!!!! Especially since he was the only one who had it & recorded it on his phone.”

We will have to see what is next for Matt Riddle. It seems that this controversy with his personal life is not going to slow down any time soon. Naturally, fans are commenting on this subject in great numbers as well.

What’s your take on this latest dose of Matt Riddle drama? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking about things!

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