Tony Khan is known for his willingness to invest significantly in acquiring song rights, enhancing the entrances of his wrestling stars in the process. Securing a Blink182 song might cause TK to shell out a pretty penny. Recently, an AEW star reached out to Blink182, seeking permission to use one of their songs as her new entrance music.

AEW has a lot of money to spend, but Blink182’s song catalog is pricey, especially since Tony Khan wants to make sure that any song he uses can be used in perpetuity. That being said, Billie Starkz is really hoping that Khan can work out a deal with Blink182 for this one. A live performance during an AEW event would also be amazing for her.

Billie Starkz logged into X, and she tagged Blink182 in a post, expressing her interest in adopting their 1999 track ‘Aliens Exist’ as her new theme music. She also made an additional request, although the band’s response remains uncertain.

Dear @blink182. Please give me permission to use Aliens Exist for my entrance music everywhere.


Also, would be really cool if you could do it live some time for me


While the outcome regarding Starkz’s request remains uncertain, it is known that Tony Khan has been willing to make substantial payments for specific songs to be used as themes for many of his wrestlers. Some notable instances include the utilization of Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’ for Bryan Danielson, Pantera’s ‘Walk’ for Rob Van Dam, and 50 Cent’s ‘Many Men (Wish Death)’ for The Gunns, among others.

Notably, Starkz has primarily been associated with AEW’s ROH brand, where she serves as a companion to ROH Women’s World Champion Athena.

We will have to see if Billie Starkz’ Blink182 dreams will be fulfilled. If anything, the fact that she put it out into the universe may just manifest itself into reality. For more on this story, and so much more, please keep it tuned with us here at Ringside News.

What’s your take on this story? Do you think Blink182 will allow AEW to use their song? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section!

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