Ryan Nemeth, famously known as the Hollywood Hunk, has a dual career in both wrestling and acting, and he’s made sure his contracts reflect that.

During a recent chat on the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Nemeth opened up about a special clause in his AEW contract that allows him to pursue acting gigs without facing repercussions.

“I’ve always had the same focus: making people smile. Whether it’s through wrestling, comedy, writing, or acting, I want to evoke emotions and make a living doing that,” he explained. “So, I never limit myself to just one thing, and no one has ever forced me to. Every AEW contract I’ve signed has included a provision stating that I can’t be penalized for taking acting jobs. They were really cool about it, and I’ve always appreciated that.”

Nemeth emphasized the importance of his Hollywood moniker, stating, “It’s literally my name, Hollywood Hunk. So, I have to go act sometimes.”


Despite his commitment to both crafts, Nemeth has only had to miss two AEW shows, one of which was for reshoots on the film “Iron Claw.” He recalled a close call where he had to shoot, catch a red-eye flight, and make it in time for an AEW event.

Recently, Nemeth has expanded his wrestling repertoire by appearing alongside his brother, Nic Nemeth (formerly known as Dolph Ziggler in WWE), in TNA Wrestling. Fans can catch him in action on the May 16 episode of TNA iMPACT! where he’ll be participating in a special Champions Challenge match.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Nemeth’s approach to balancing his wrestling career with his passion for acting? Do you believe more wrestlers should have clauses like Nemeth’s in their contracts to pursue other interests? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

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