AEW sensation Max Caster has undoubtedly carved a niche for himself with his electrifying freestyle raps during The Acclaimed’s entrances.

Recently, on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” Caster delved into the intricacies of referencing WWE in his lyrical onslaughts. He admitted that while it could be tempting to take jabs at the rival promotion, it often resulted in unintended consequences, as it inadvertently diverted attention towards WWE’s offerings.

“That’s a double-edged sword, cause you can get them on some things and it’ll be a good burn but you’re also putting more light on their product which they don’t need it… At a certain point you know, people would say, ‘Hey, stop doing that,’ and I listened. I really try not to do it anymore because it just creates more eyes on their product and not ours; it makes us seem second rate.”

Moreover, Caster shed light on why targeting Vince McMahon in his rhymes often yielded more impact than merely reacting to WWE’s weekly programming.


“Referenced Vince McMahon on I think the very first time that any sort of allegations came out. When he retired I referenced him and that was like news it was ‘news news’ so I thought you know, that’s a little bit better than me saying their TV show, they did this, on their internet show they did this, it’s way different.”

Shifting gears, Caster expressed his firm stance on the prospect of former WWE standout Shelton Benjamin joining AEW. Following reports of discussions between Benjamin and AEW, Caster took to social media to express his disapproval. He articulated his sentiments, firmly stating his reluctance to see Benjamin make the leap to AEW, signaling a clear stance against the potential move.

What are your thoughts on Max Caster’s approach to referencing WWE in his freestyle raps and his decision to refrain from doing so to avoid diverting attention from AEW? Share your opinions and insights in the comments below!

Steve Carrier

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