Vince McMahon is back to his old ways, as he makes changes to WWE television whenever he wants to. In reality, this was always the case, but this week’s RAW made it impossible to ignore that he’s back. With the new TKO Holdings Group’s he is still in a top position, even higher than Dana White.

Ringside News exclusively reported at the beginning of August that Vince McMahon was “supposed to be” staying away from work, but no one in the creative team “really thinks that will last.” Obviously, that medical leave ended far sooner than some fans expected.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Vince McMahon’s position in TKO is way higher “on the food chain” than Dana White. Ari Emanuel will actually go to Vince McMahon for any questions or guidance before Dana White, despite UFC’s position prior to the merger.

“The reality is that Levesque will be head of creative but Vince will remain with the final power. Ari Emanuel, who heads the company, put Vince in charge of all facets of the company. Vince’s power is such that Emanuel himself said that if there is a disagreement on the wrestling side of the company with he and Vince, he will defer to Vince.”


“Vince’s position on the food chain is well above that of Dana White, which is notable because UFC got 51 percent of the new company and as far as pure profitability, UFC was far ahead of WWE for the past many years.”

We previously noted that some WWE talent were hoping that Vince McMahon wouldn’t come back to creative. Things still went down in the way that they did, and McMahon is back in power.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Vince McMahon actually started making changes “just a few days after his surgery.” At this point, Mr. McMahon shows no sign of stopping. He even had enough energy to hype up the New York Stock Exchange during the opening bell to celebrate the TKO Holdings Group formation. As of this writing, McMahon has not conducted any interviews since the merger was completed.

We will have to see what Vince McMahon does next. He still cares about WWE and will have his hand in creative as he sees fit. Only time will tell if Vince McMahon totally changing around the scripts for WWE television will become commonplace in WWE once again.

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Felix Upton

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